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    Part 2, Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?

    Can Gun Control Reduce Crime? Part 2 by Benedict D. LaRosa, November 2002 What about the experience of other countries? In 1997, just 12 months after a new gun law went into effect in Australia, homicides jumped 3.2 percent, armed robberies 44 percent, and assaults 8.6...
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    Part 1, Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?

    I hope I'm not double posting but I don't remember reading this article here. It's a very succinct article. (Sorry, I've tried to increase the font size but it's just not wanting to cooperate.) Can Gun Control Reduce Crime? Part 1 by Benedict D. LaRosa, October 2002 In the wake...
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    Bianchi Auto Retention CarryLok Holster

    I bought this leather holster today to use with my Beretta 92FS Compact Model .9. the holster is billed as accepting the FS but not the compact model, but the compact model fits and draws just fine as does the FS model. The holster works just find for hubby and his Taurus. However, there are...
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    Women, Handguns & Civilization

    The Woman Citizen feminismwomen's rightsmen in politicswomen in polticsSeattle .editorsnote {font: 11px arial,sans-serif; color: #333; margin: 10px 0; clear: both; } #wingcss .wingheader {clear: both; padding: 0 5px; background: #830E00; color: #fff; font: bold 11px/16px...
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    Large Caliber Handguns and Women

    Link Removed by Janis Cortese The women's firearms market is growing by leaps and bounds, and given that on the whole, women tend to be more easily intimidated by firearms and related information, this translates to a large number of interested people who need not only hardware but...
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    Online Source for Self Defense for Women

    Link Removed Hand guns simply can be defined as a small and compact weapon for self-defense. Hand guns for sale have seen a rise in the past few years. They can be held and fired from the same hand and are small in size. Best hand gun for self defense...
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    Handguns for Women

    Link Removed by Teddy Jacobson, Pistolsmith Sugarland, TX reprinted with permission Link RemovedI have received many phone calls about this very subject. I have thought about this and even made a video on this subject years ago. The...
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    Women's First Handgun Purchase

    Women's First Handgun Purchase Chapter One - Introduction Today is Monday, February 15, 110...
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    The Real Ladies Gun -- Handguns

    The real ladies gun - Handguns Guns Magazine, March, 2003 by Massad Ayoob For too long, women were told that if they wanted to carry a sidearm they needed a "ladies' gun," usually a tiny .22 or .25 automatic with so little power it might or...
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    Allied Illinois Markswomen

    Allied Illinois Markswomen (Member organization of the IL State Rifle Association [ISRALink Removed] and the National Rifle Association [NRALink Removed]) Link Removed The next AIM meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday night March 9 at...
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    Guardian Angel's Gun Site

    Link Removed Dedicated to the Preservation and Education of the Link Removed 2nd Amendment Organizations Gun Owners of America One of the finest groups for your money, they don't waste it, so the rates are low. GOA is run by people who don't back down! Larry Pratt really knows his stuff...
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    Women Want to Hunt

    NRA Division of Women's Hunting Programs...
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    Girls With Guns Calendar

    Link RemovedLink Removed
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    Chicks with Guns on YouTube

    Chicks with guns on you tube. Are you okay?
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    Chicks with Guns on YouTube

    Chicks with guns on you tube. Are you okay?
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    Girls With Guns dot Org

    Girls With Guns dot org "I venerate the armed woman as a transcendent symbol of independent female power - from ancient goddesses like...the knife-wielding Hindu Kali to the pistol-packing babes of Charlie's Angels." --Camille Paglia "The true man wants two things: danger and play...
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    Flat tire on my tractor

    Anyone have any experience, tricks, tips, sound advice for me before I get into taking off this tire and wheel? The tractor is Sears brand but it's over a year old and I don't think flat tires are warranted anyway. I have no problem wrenching anything with or without a manual but any...
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    Survival Guns for Women

    Daily survival blog dedicated to survival, emergency preparedness and self-reliance. ... February 16, 2009 Link Removed No doubt there are a few women that know more about guns then I do. One the other hand most tend to become rather intermediated when coming into contact with...
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    Women Against Gun Control

    Women Against Gun Control "Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound."
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    Military/Veteran Discount?

    I looked to see if this was posted elsewhere and didn't find anything. Where do you shop to receive a military/veteran discount? What places do you patronize? Please feel free to list them all to help out others. Here are a few businesses we frequent: we get a 10% military/veteran discount...