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    Great gunsmithing site

    I have belonged to this forum for years. They helped me to get my homebuilt 1911 up and running. Great site with great people. Lots of other stuff here, but a lot of 1911 material. LINK If you are building or working on 1911's the membership fee is well worth it.
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    Sticky for holster links?

    Why we all post some of our favorite holster makers here. May be a good spot for a repository of links and names. I'll go first. UBG holsters K&D Mika's pocket holsters (great and very affordable) I have more, but it's...
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    What's your prefered carry method?

    IWB OWB Pocket Other.
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    I feel funny.

    Hey, Well I am new here and just hit the "new members"section. Sent out a few welcomes and I have to say that I feel a little funny. I am new here as well and I am welcoming you to the board? HMMM I am a member of another board where welcoming is commonplace, but I have been on the other...
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    Looks like I'm first!

    Hey all, Well it looks like I am first to post for KY. Woo HOO! Big E here from KY, lived in Louisville for most of my life and just recently moved just outside the area. I work in IT for a living and have for 12 years now. I have three kids and a lovely wife. My EDC weapon is a S&W M&P9 in...