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  1. calvin

    The Left Can't Stop Lying About Trump

    Lighten up or you're getting a vacation. It's just the internet.
  2. calvin

    President Obama's remarks

    I don't think changing a photo, one page apart from the original, is legitimately "misleading". In fact, it was so clear, everyone involved in this thread recognized it immediately. If we were talking about a text post with some words surreptitiously edited that might be a bit different. I...
  3. calvin

    New P&N rule: news posts must have commentary

    If you are going to post a news article that is fine, but I don't want stories blindly posted. Add some original thoughts or at least make an attempt to. I will be locking threads without commentary in the OP. Calvin
  4. calvin

    Hide Your Gun In Plain Sight

    BluesStringer, you're in luck, there happens to be a mechanism to handle this type of situation! Link Removed Worry more about yourself and less about others. Blue just got a vacation, nothing permanent.
  5. calvin

    A little more civility, please!

    Everyone, in particular in this subforum, please make an effort to keep things civil. There's been a few instances of things getting over the top. It's just the internet guys. Please use the report button if you see a post that violates forum rules rather than using site email. Thanks, Calvin
  6. calvin

    HR 308 / Ban for mags over 10rds

    Sen. McCarthy introduced a ban with essentially no exceptions to ban mags over 10 rounds. Read The Bill: H.R. 308 - It's basically DOA with the republican congress but it's good to remember that elections have consequences and we should always be vigilant.
  7. calvin

    California's internet/mail-order ammo ban struck down

  8. calvin

    Florida: Call your House rep and ask for open carry ban repeal

    Please call your State House Rep. Now! Sponsor the Bill to Repeal the Florida Open Carry Ban. Florida House of Representatives - to lookup your Rep. and call their “District Office”. Tell them who you are, that you are a member of the “Florida Open Carry Movement”, and you...
  9. calvin

    Iowa Passes Shall-Issue

    Fairfax, Va. -- Today Iowa Governor Chet Culver (D) signed Senate File 2379 into law, signifying the first time in nearly a century that a major step has been taken to enhance the right-to-carry freedoms of Iowans. This NRA-backed legislation will allow law-abiding Iowans the right to carry...
  10. calvin

    Open carry incident in Nashville gets me detained 2.5 hour at gun point carried AK-47

    I cannot find the original post because some of the other boards have removed the threads. You are also sort of incorrect about orange tips: No person shall manufacture, enter into commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm (“device”) covered by this part...
  11. calvin

    Open carry incident in Nashville gets me detained 2.5 hour at gun point carried AK-47

    You can google his name and find all sorts of stuff. This tool has been on virtually every gun board of relevance on the internet and is almost universally banned. To your question: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed He also has a quick detach suppressor for his Link Removed. "The man...
  12. calvin

    NYC undercover stings expose "gun show loophole"

    Of course this whole "loophole" nonsense is about removing the last mechanism by which guns can be transferred "off the grid": private transfers. Once that's done, basically all guns will be transferred through FFL's. Even without national gun registration the ATF can still inspect that...
  13. calvin

    Urge FL Governor Crist to nominate JUDGE ALAN LAWSON

    Expressing our support for JUDGE ALAN LAWSON for the Florida Supreme Court is more important than ever, as the NAACP is now lobbying Governor Crist to make his decision on the basis of race, rather than qualifications. Please CONTINUE to urge Governor Crist to make his appointment based on...
  14. calvin

    SIG Sauer P250

    CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed The innovative P250 comes in three grip sizes and has a modular fire control group. What makes this pistol really interesting is that the fire control group is the actual serialized component (legal firearm) instead of the frame itself like most semi-automatic...
  15. calvin

    SIG Sauer Precision Rifles

    CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed SIG precision rifles top to bottom: DMR SWAT SSG 3000 Tactical 2
  16. calvin

    SIG Sauer P556

    CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed Top: The P556 packs the firepower of the SIG 556 in a pistol package and even has an optional factory rail system. CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed Above: Random Shot Show attendee models.
  17. calvin

    SIG Sauer 556 (new models)

    CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed Sig now offers a Classic version of it's popular SIG 556 rifle with military style furniture (from the original Commando model) and rotary diopter sights. They also have released a SCM (Sport Configuration Model, not...
  18. calvin

    SIG Sauer p238

    CLICK FOR BIGGER PIC Link Removed Sig's new P238 has the company's distinctive look and feel, with an impressive profile and size. It packs six rounds of .380 but makes up for the small caliber due to it's 1.1 inch width. Bezeled edges and thin controls make it a superb choice for an...
  19. calvin

    Fired worker's suit tests Florida's concealed-gun law

    Packing heat got Steven Collazo sacked. The Boca Raton man now is suing his former employer, the Florida subsidiary of a national funeral-home company, claiming his firing last month violated a new state law that allows people with concealed-weapons permits to have their firearms locked in...
  20. calvin Member With Concealed Firearm Permit Holds Crossbow Wielding Woman At Bay

    Shortly after 3 p.m. Monday, a woman armed with a bow and arrow walked into a northwest Houston business and shot a man, according to police. The female suspect, 30, was armed with the bow, multiple arrows, and what appeared to be a handgun, which later turned out to be a fake gun. When she...