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  1. civilian75

    What states

    Why nobody mentions the USA Carry reciprocity map? To my knowledge, it is the best there is. OP, it took me seconds to get the Indiana resident cow map. Link Removed Here is the link: Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. civilian75

    Puerto Rico is "shall issue"

    I found out today that Puerto Rico is a "shall issue" territory (go figure!). It seems it has been for a handful of years (2005?) but, have not been able to confirm. I would like to see the CCW Reciprocity Map webpage updated. Is it possible to also have the tiny P.R. map added as well? It...
  3. civilian75

    Russian Message to Americans: Do not give up your guns

    This is a most-read! I hate to admit that I got to agree even with their insulting intro. Get the rest here: Mat Rodina Re-prints here: Americans never give up your guns - English Americans never give up your guns - English
  4. civilian75

    In the Aftermath of Two Shootings - (The Elephant in the Room)

    Sheriff Garrett nailed it on the head. What can I add? Let's keep our guns secure!
  5. civilian75

    If someone starts shooting in public, should I shoot back?

    In times like this, never hurts to go over the basics. From The Oregon Washington County Sheriff Office:
  6. civilian75

    Concealed Carry Permit for law-abiding Expatriate American Citizen

    Check out Utah. Hard as I've tried, I have not been able to find any residency requirements. The only catch: you must take a Weapon Familiarity Certification class with a Utah BCI certified instructor. Found four Link Removed in the Sunshine State More links: APPLICATION FOR CONCEALED FIREARM...