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    FFL question

    Does anyone know the requirements to obtain a FFL sales license for the GREAT state of S.C.
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    non-Newbie question

    What is the hub-bub about AR's & AK's everywhere I turn its AR this AK that they are just tools that are used.
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    need ammo go figure

    I am getting a new " toy " and wal-mart sure wont have it ;) hope my sisters & brothers at arms may help. My newbie is a 7.62x25 yes a new pistol thanks in advance
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    For the daring....Skinny Dipping

    Got a good early morning chuckle
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    Holster option

    I have looked and looked at posts of iwb,owb,aiwb holsters and i finally found something that might solve the search let me know what everyone thinks CCW I in no way get funds from sales of this item BUT might get a discount if enough people order and say I sent them
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    Holster Conditioning

    I will wait for this answer I just received a new leather holster and also noticed it was slightly rough Link Removed