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    App/website showing which businesses do/don't allow CCW?

    Ohioans for Concealed Carry maintains such a list here: Link Removed
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    Some bills (finally) up in the legislature

    I'm not aware of anywhere online that has a complete listing including the two major Ohio organizations BFA and OFCC. I have an Excel spreadsheet where I track all the bills as they progress through the Ohio General Assembly. Basically, I scan the session journals ( Link Removed ) of the House...
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    Ohio reaches concealed-carry reciprocity with 5 states

    Ohio reaches concealed-carry reciprocity with 5 states | The Columbus Dispatch
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    Flawed gun rights bill needs to be stopped

    An email alert from Ohioans for Concealed Carry. Both the OFCC and BFA forums contain lots of discussion about the flaws in HB 203.
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    Am I legal?

    As long as the issuing authority in Florida says your license is still valid, then you are legal to carry in Ohio. Here is the reciprocity agreement between Florida and Ohio: Link Removed No where in there does it specify that Ohio will only recognize a FL license if it is held by a FL...
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    [Toledo] Open Carry, Or nearby, walks

    You might find something here: Link Removed
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    CCW holder riding in passages seat.

    In Ohio the passenger is REQUIRED BY LAW to inform. Link Removed
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    6 of 12

    There's way more than 3 bills, most pro, a few anti. Link Removed Whether any actually make it out of the General Assembly and onto the Governor's desk remains to be seen. Only one bill has passed even one chamber so far during this legislative session. Once they go on summer recess in...
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    Seattle Public Library complies with state gun laws - and the blood will flow.....

    Yup, nothing ever happens at a library. Man Charged in Library Shooting Testfies He Wanted To Shoot Women Link Removed
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    OHIO limiting magazine capacity?

    Legal to own but not to use. Ohio law defines a firearm loaded with such a magazine as an "automatic firearm". Current law: Lawriter - ORC - 2923.11 Weapons control definitions. House Bill 191 was introduced in June to remove the above definition from the law. It's too soon to say if it will...
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    House Bill 203: improvements to Ohio gun laws

    Introduced in the Ohio House two days ago. Link Removed
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    Clarification of No Guns sign laws in OH

    However, posted parking lots/parking garages are not criminal trespass but merely a civil infraction. Link Removed
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    Pennsylvania Licence

    Two things to be aware of. First, not every Sheriff will accept applications from non-residents. I have also heard that a few counties require the references to be residents of the county you apply in. PAFOA keeps a nice list of which counties will accept non-resident applications: Link Removed
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    OVI and CCW in Ohio

    Here is what the Ohio Attorney General's CCW manual says about disqualifiers. Ohio law requires you to read this manual as one of the conditions of obtaining your license. Link Removed
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    Last chance for House Bill 495

    Using the bill as listed here Link Removed , I have edited it so that the relevant section reads as it will when it takes effect on March 27. (Basically, I removed all the struck through words which are the ones being removed by the bill).
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    concealed carry renewal

    Here is the Ohio Attorney General's Concealed Carry manual which you were required by law to have read at least twice. Once when you applied for your license and a second time when you renewed. Pages 10-11 talk about the current renewal procedures. Link Removed
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    Last chance for House Bill 495

    Last June the Ohio House passed House Bill 495 (Link Removed) which removes the need for a competency certificate for a license renewal and also allows Ohio to recognize the license of any state willing to recognize Ohio's. The bill has languished in the Ohio Senate due to the summer recess and...