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    Ohio reaches concealed-carry reciprocity with 5 states

    Ohio reaches concealed-carry reciprocity with 5 states | The Columbus Dispatch
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    Flawed gun rights bill needs to be stopped

    An email alert from Ohioans for Concealed Carry. Both the OFCC and BFA forums contain lots of discussion about the flaws in HB 203.
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    House Bill 203: improvements to Ohio gun laws

    Introduced in the Ohio House two days ago. Link Removed
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    Last chance for House Bill 495

    Last June the Ohio House passed House Bill 495 (Link Removed) which removes the need for a competency certificate for a license renewal and also allows Ohio to recognize the license of any state willing to recognize Ohio's. The bill has languished in the Ohio Senate due to the summer recess and...
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    Columbus Dispatch: Guns in bars | One year later: "Carry fears silinced"

    Once again, pro-gun forces are right and anti-gun forces are wrong. Guns in bars | One year later:
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    HB495 Tuesday 6/5 Contact legislators

    From Link Removed This Tuesday, June 5, the Ohio House State Government and Elections Committee will be taking proponent and opponent testimony on House Bill 495 (Link Removed) at 1:30 p.m. in Room 116 of the Ohio Capitol. This important pro-gun reform legislation was introduced on March 27 by...
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    News article: restaurant & bar carry - six months later

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer checks the restaurant carry law six months after it took effect. What a surprise, nothing bad has happened. Patrons carrying guns in Ohio bars: Whatever happened to ...? |
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    Plain Deaker gun hating columnist weighs in on current gun bills

    The Plain Dealer has always been against gun rights, that will probably never change. GOP state legislators' zeal for guns could wound Romney: Brent Larkin |
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    Cleveland man who shot teen 5 years ago still supports concealed carry laws

    Plain Dealer article about Damon Wells, who shot an armed criminal five years ago, and how he is doing now. The article also talks about self-defense in general in light of the Trayvon Martin incident. Cleveland man who shot teen 5 years ago still supports concealed carry laws |
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    Dayton daily News: Law enforcement officials worry about pending legislation.

    LEO want to keep the notification requirement, even though they would be hard pressed to show how not having notification has caused any problems in other states. Link Removed
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    Ohio signs reciprocity agreement with New Mexico

    Attorney Generals news release: Link Removed
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    Ohio Restaurant Carry Bill in Jeopardy

    The bill passed the Ohio Senate with a big majority but things are not looking good in the Ohio House. Several groups have spoken out against the bill including the Ohio FOP, Ohio Prosecutors Association and the Ohio Restaurant Association. Link Removed If Ohio gun owners want this bill...
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    Restaurant carry bill reintroduced (2011-2012 session)

    Since former Speaker of the House Armond Budish singlehandedly stopped restaurant carry from passing in 2010, the bill has been reintroduced as HB 45. A companion bill with identical wording was introduced in the Senate as SB 17. HB 45 has had three committee hearings already so it is moving...
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    Restaurant carry bill introduced

    Today, House Bill 203 was introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives. This allows licensees to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they don't consume alcohol. Here is the bill: Link Removed Please contact your State Representative and ask him/her to support HB 203. If you...
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    Beware of law change regarding loaded magazines in a car

    A number of positive changes took effect on 9/9/08 for Ohio gun owners but somehow one negative change was put in the law. A gun is now considered to be loaded when in a vehicle if there are loaded magazines or speedloaders for that gun anywhere in the vehicle. Anyone who loads magazines at...