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    Owner of S.C. Pub Insults Gun Owners Across America

    Hi guys. Just thought i would pass this along to see what you think and get some feedback. It seems the owner of Backstreets Pub in Clemson S.C doesn't want D-Bag CPL carriers in his establishment. I can't imagine why he is getting negative feedback. Here is the link to the article Link...
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    Parent Open Carries in School

    My 2 sons come home from school and tell me there was a 'bad person' in school. Something to do with a gun is all they knew. This thoroughly pissed me off because as a parent you want info ASAP. Didn't find out all the facts until 2 hours later. Schools went on lock down for safety. Turns...
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    Concealed Pistol License Test

    I got my CPL a couple weeks ago, took the test a few months back. I found the 50 question T or F test to be ridiculously easy. It just seems to me that the testing would be a bit more difficult. The 8 hour class was great. Videos, power point slides and many real life examples and then of...
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    Buy .22 lr ammo

    Hi guys. Was wanting to buy .22lr ammo and can't find any in Michigan stores. Does anyone know of a good web site to purchase .22 lr ammo from? Gonna buy a Ruger 10/22 so i need something to shoot out of it. Thanks Sent from my DROID RAZR using USA Carry mobile app