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  1. Instructor_Dennis

    Is carrying dangerous?

    Itsmee, your concerns aren't groundless. The problem is that you visualize yourself as a victim. Learn to develop and practice the warrior's mindset. You should not be standing where two BG's can walk up and get the drop on you because you should have Link Removed. Your remote security...
  2. Instructor_Dennis

    IWB holster question

    I carry my Taurus PT-145 or one of my Colt 1911's in the Link Removed every day. The only problem is that it's so comfortable, I forget that I'm carrying! If the weather is cool, I usually wear a lightweight jacket instead of tucking my shirt over the gun; but here in Colorado, the weather...
  3. Instructor_Dennis

    Quick question...

    Register Individual Guns? Holy smokes? If we had to register our individual guns, we'd run out of paper here in Colorado!:sarcastic: If you're here during the last weekend in March (27, 28, & 29), come to the Link Removed and celebrate your new found freedom. The event is about an hour and...
  4. Instructor_Dennis

    How hard to get CCW in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins?

    My links page has some helpful info including a link to all of the county sheriff's offices. You can even down load your CCW application from most of the sheriff's pages: Link Removed Link Removed. LOL! Enjoy, Dennis
  5. Instructor_Dennis

    NRA Instructors in the Denver/Aurora Area

    Do you need a classroom? We're looking for an NRA instructor to share office expense. We're located in Aurora Colorado. You keep all fees collected and just pay a small monthly rental fee for the classroom. Use your own range. Weekdays and one weekend a month available for your use. Call...
  6. Instructor_Dennis

    Link to the state's CCW Laws

    Link Removed. It’s a great resource if you travel with a gun. You can download it for free. Link Removed for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's CCW information
  7. Instructor_Dennis

    The Seven Stages of Concealed Carry

    I got my CCW when I was 21 and lived in Pennsylvania. At that time, all you needed were the signatures of three reputable citizens on your application attesting to the fact that you were a responsible person. Since I grew up in a small town and knew most of the cops, I got three of them to...
  8. Instructor_Dennis

    Must Read - Hillary May Have Lost - Links Fixed

    1. Link Removed 2. Link Removed VOTING MACHINES - SKILLFULLY MANIPULATED - LEAVE NO EVIDENCE The famous "Hursti Hack" of the memory card in the voting system version used in New Hampshire preloaded the card with minus and plus votes, pass... Link Removed 1-9-08: New England...
  9. Instructor_Dennis

    MUST READ - Election Fraud is Child's Play

    I don't believe Hillary really won in New Hampshire - neither did McCain. Read on, and form your own opinion... 1. Link Removed 2. Ron Paul was cheated out of votes VOTING MACHINES - SKILLFULLY MANIPULATED - LEAVE NO EVIDENCE The famous "Hursti Hack" of the memory card in...
  10. Instructor_Dennis

    free training material!!

    Shooting to Live Link Removed to download a free copy of Shooting to Live.
  11. Instructor_Dennis

    Colorado Concealed Carry

    I just want to say "Thanks" for setting up a great website. My students always ask me where to go to get up to date concealed carry info. It looks like we found the right place! I'll try and make a commitment to post real-life useful articles that will help everyone become more...