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  1. Supernois

    Now that's what I call justice

    Judge orders Utah mom to chop off daughter’s ponytail in courtroom Hope the link works.
  2. Supernois

    Had a small problem with my M&P today.

    So I'm at my Dad's place in northern Michigan for the long weekend. Took the guns out for a little practice and while shooting the M&P, The white dot in my front sight came out. Any one ever have this happen on a pistol?
  3. Supernois

    This is why you should keep your gun on you.

    I feel bad for this guy but, is why I keep my gun on my person and not just in my car. I hope this hypertext works. Rent from my phone. Stranded motorist robbed on Detroit freeway
  4. Supernois

    I understand this guy.

    I can totaly understand what if did but, it is illegal. Man Charged for Firing Warning Shots A Reford man faces charges after he fired several shots into the ground to scare off would-be car thieves. Read more:
  5. Supernois

    my new 1911

    Just picked it up today. Kimber custom II. The only thing I don't like would be the grips. Easy to fix :)
  6. Supernois

    Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

    Hello all. I havent' posted in a long time. Just switched to a full frame 9 from an aluminum compact Sig P245 .45 ACP. The first time I fired the Smith I hated it. I'm not used to the striker fire/trigger system. Took about 400 rounds for me to "break in". In the beginning, I was pulling all my...