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  1. sdf2000


    If the wind would ever back off a little I would go to the Beach!! NE wind is not a good time to go beach fishing on the East coast of Florida... :sarcastic:
  2. sdf2000

    Full up state parks

    I am back to yearly whine about going to Florida state parks! Everything is full and the private parks rates are so high!!
  3. sdf2000

    2nd annual Florida Picnic *Update*

    Because of a lack of interest and support!! I am just going drop the idea!! Picnic canceled! If someone else would like to go with it? Go for it!!!
  4. sdf2000

    2nd annual Florida picnic!!

    I'll call and see if anything else is going on Oct 16th. If you want to check out where we had it last year here is the link! Link Removed
  5. sdf2000

    2nd annual Florida picnic!!

    Ok Florida!! Who is up to having a 2nd annual US carry Florida Picnic?? At last years picnic everyone thought we should try a little later this year. So I am thinking after the first of the year! How about some input?? When and where ideas!! I know it is kinda early but I am traveling in the...
  6. sdf2000

    Florida camping

    I figured out what to do about the campgrounds in Florida being full of people from the north! I am going to go up north and stay for the summer. See you in Oct.....:yu:
  7. sdf2000

    Time to vent

    I was thinking it would be nice this year to go camping over xmas. I checked two state parks and both are full! Not just at xmas but for Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. I guess I may as well go up north, there should be lots of room! THEIR ALL IN FLORIDA!!!! Control of your computer will now be returned...
  8. sdf2000

    Florida picnic & get to gether

    A date has been set up for the first annual USACARRY.COM Florida get together! Sat Nov 14th at Tenoroc Shooting Sports & Training in Lakeland, Fl Here is a quick run down. Or more info check their web site. Link Removed I would like to get a rough count so email me you RSVP at...
  9. sdf2000

    Rain Rain go away.

    I am so tired of this rain!! I want to go fishing!:hang3:
  10. sdf2000

    I can't believe it!

    I got into one of the state parks to go camping in Sept!!:yu:
  11. sdf2000

    Finding a Lawyer!!

    How do you go about finding a lawyer? Not because I need one but just so I know who to call if I should need one.... :neo:
  12. sdf2000

    Red snaper

    I went out the day after christmas and got this....
  13. sdf2000

    Another camping weekend

    Here we are at a campground for three nights! $106.!!!!! I can't believe it, Thats what what? $35. a night? I still ASK "Where can I go?":drag:
  14. sdf2000

    Fishing weekend

    I am going out to Blue Cypress lake this weekend if any of you Florida folk want to come by and go fishing!! Blue cypress is north of SR60, 22 mi west of Vero Beach and 6 miles east of Yeehaw jct. Free camping (no hookups) boats to rent. I am going out on Fri and stay till Sun afternoon.:hang3...
  15. sdf2000

    Camping! WHERE!

    I had forgotten how hard it is to find a camping spot in Florida in the winter. I sit around all summer saying "Its to hot we will wait till it cools off to go camping" then cooler weather comes around and all the snow birds are here and all the state parks are full. I am not big on planing two...
  16. sdf2000

    Ready for the maiden voyage! MAYBE?

    After traveling in our motor home full time for almost three years, we sold the MH and settled down again. That was two years ago. Well now we have another MH! Not as big , not as new but something to go for weekends and short trips. After doing some repairs and cleanup we are ready to take it...
  17. sdf2000

    Florida Hunting

    I have been wanting to go hunting here in Florida. Probably wild hog! Now this is something I have never done so I would welcome any advice you may have. In particular what would be a good gun to use? Nothing Fancy just something for a newbie that may not go very often, so I don't want to put a...
  18. sdf2000

    House Bill 503 Questions

    Under the new "keep it in you car at work" Law. Why does the house of mouse think they are except from complying?????
  19. sdf2000

    refinnishing Grips

    I pick up some new grips for my Bersa a few months ago and after I had them on for a while I started getting a rash where the gun touched my skin. So I removed them and the rash went away. I hadn't done anything with them till yesterday. I sanded then down and now I would like to refinish them...
  20. sdf2000

    SR9 Recall Update!!

    I talked to Ruger today about the recall. They were to send out shipping boxes in mid May!! Now they say they are still waiting for the parts, so it will now be at least mid June before they start shipping the return boxes!!! With me it never is about a company having a problem with a product...