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    More women owning guns

    Market Day She made one mistake... She said Smith & Weston. Still a good video. Moose
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    Marines asked to disarm...

    Found this article on another website I frequent. I think this is ridiculous! I was wondering what others thought. RJ
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    Double barrel 1911

    Link Removed
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    Need help concealing... lol

    New - Double Barrel Handgun in .45... Made by Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Handgun Means You Only Have To Be Half as Accurate Link Removed Or how about this one.... I love the title.. "Gunmaker invents chilling double-barrel handgun" Is it really necessary to use the work CHILLING...
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    Hank jr speaking his mind!

    Good ol'e Hank Williams speaking his mind.
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    Chick with guns

    Nice article about women and guns. ‘Chicks with Guns’: 15 million US women pack heat - TODAY People - RJ
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    All you women out there with guns!

    Good article about women with guns. Chicks with Guns: 15 million US women pack heat - TODAY People -
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    Another reson why to CC

    Something like this can happen at anytime and it's happening all to often! 4 dead, 6 wounded in Nevada shooting - US news - Crime & courts -