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    Alternating ammo in mags?

    This is something my grandpa used to do. He owned a gun store, and alternated the weights of his hollow points in his "cash register gun" (.32spc semi-auto from the early 1900s! And a .44spc revolver). The idea being that whether he needed a lot of penetration, or a lot of expansion; he had...
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    Anyone else with a Bersa Thunder UC Pro 9mm?

    Just ordered one. Should get it fairly soon. Anyone have any tips or tricks or 'watch-out-fors'? Any ammo it won't eat?
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    Tuckable Holster? (PICS??)

    Let's see your tuckable holster. I'm shopping. I'm tucked in, in professional clothes basically whenever I'm out of the house. I've seen tuckable holsters out there but I have two issues. 1) A huge bulge that makes the gun obvious. Or 2) In pics/videos they are dressed like total slobs with...
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    Check out Gander Mountain in Fenton

    At least for right now, whatever it is, they have it in stock. TONS of .22, .380, 9mm (included cases of 250 for $70), .45, you name it. And what appears to be hundreds of pistols in stock (as opposed to my local gun stores which might have 3 or 4 in stock). Link Removed
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    Crazy price differences!

    Just bored the other night looking through indoor ranges (I have a range I use, conservation range down the road that's free!). Noticed on the western half of the state that are half as much per-hour and for membership than on the eastern half. Also got me looking at CCW classes. $50~$85 in...
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    Should I get an out of state CCW?

    I see a few folks advertising classes for Florida, Utah, etc. CCW classes. What's the advantage? Any reason I should pursue those permits instead of a MO endorsement? -John