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  1. cleveland

    DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid

    Since this thread was brought back up, here is what they currently look like: Link Removed I flipped the kydex over, that cuts down on holster wear. I removed the kydex from under the trigger guard so you don't scrape your finger when you grab the pistol. I now also offer a cut version and a...
  2. cleveland

    DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid

    I would love to take credit for this idea, but I got it from walther380. Much like walther380, I do not have the means to invest $100+ on a single holster. So after reading the following thread, I decided to make my own...
  3. cleveland

    Encounter with State Police and K9 Today WOW

    Nice post Treo! Here is a nice video for those that think he is being to stand of-ish. Remember, the cops job is to seek out bad guys. What's more, bad guys tend to look just like good guys. The ones that are not in prison at least. Link Removed
  4. cleveland

    permit holder shoots cop

    Have any of you heard of permit holders shooting of police officers? Seems almost unbelievable. I'd be interested to know how many permit holders shot an attacker during an attempted rape/murder/mugging.