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  1. sdprof

    Buds Penny Auction Question

    Taking a quick look at the Howitworks page: Link Removed if you set your autobidder for a number of bids that did not expend you max bid amount, it may have stopped before your bid outbid the winner. I think that's what happened. But I haven't yet stayed at the Holiday Inn Express that just...
  2. sdprof

    “Muslim-free zone”

    It's been going around Link Removed
  3. sdprof

    Target stand?

    I picked up a pair of the stands from this system, and just use a big piece of cardboard to whatever height I want. Instead of poking them in the ground, I drilled holes in a couple pieces of 4x4 landscaping lumber I had sitting around. Quick and easy to set up, very portable. Link Removed...
  4. sdprof

    Red light homes

    Spoilsport! Can't you let a good satire run for at least a little while?
  5. sdprof

    The Looney Left

    And a dozen years ago it was shown to be a pointless exercise in futility. Link Removed
  6. sdprof

    GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE Explained.

    When unregistered private sales are outlawed....ah, you know the rest. Can you spot the difference? Link Removed
  7. sdprof

    target question

    You mean these lists: Link Removed Man, it's gotta suck being in a place where they tell you what make and model you can and cannot buy.
  8. sdprof

    When You Really Need an “Assault Rifle”

    An assault rifle is a select fire rifle in intermediate caliber. A non-assault rifle is one that isn't select fire. An assault weapon is a made up, imaginary classification for all rifles that hoplophobes and prog-libs think looks scary. While this category is cosmetically similar to a true...
  9. sdprof

    Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

    Well, the legislators passed a bill creating an enhanced permit - $100 fee, fingerprints, more extensive background check (?), and a training requirement. Big whoop? It does not allow you to carry anywhere you can't carry with the current permit, so it does not enhance your status in the...
  10. sdprof

    12 Killed In Terrorist Attack On French Satirical Magazine

    And now their on their way to Allah. RIP - NOT Link Removed
  11. sdprof

    Colored designer guns

    Back to topic: Link Removed half a dozen different colors, none real flashy, but stylish(?) Spikes has an AR marketed to women, though I don't see as it's really any lighter than many: Link Removed Press release about it
  12. sdprof

    Purchasing a shotgun in Utah

    I think the problem is not Utah, nor purchasing a long gun in Utah. It's that you're residing in CA, which prohibits out of state purchases. Now if the UT dealer ships it to a CA FFL for your pickup, you might be in business. See: Link Removed for quick info.
  13. sdprof

    Build an indoor gun range?

    Check with Brad Pitt and Angelina - he gave her a range as a present Or check here: Link Removed
  14. sdprof

    Kroger stands up to MDA

    Link Removed Hope there are more managers out there like this!
  15. sdprof

    Statistics or facts on gun crimes by CCW permit holders?

    The Indiana number of 1.4 million is wayyyy too high. How about 570K, as Link Removed. That makes about 12.2% of age eligible residents permit holders, or roughly one in eight. (South Dakota is at 13% of age eligibles!) Florida has about 1.25M permits in force; when the non-residents are...
  16. sdprof

    Statistics or facts on gun crimes by CCW permit holders?

    Holy necro-thread, Batman! And wow, revived with a totally off topic post, to boot. To the original 2008 topic, Texas does the best job of putting out stats, see here: Link Removed That shows CHL holders to be at least an order of magnitude less criminal than the general populace, and few of...
  17. sdprof

    ISIS to target churches?

    From just an everyday standpoint, here's some ammo for you: Link Removed
  18. sdprof

    Comrade John Kerry

    Yes, he inspires lots of confidence as SecState Link Removed
  19. sdprof

    James Brady dies!

    Here's a good read that implies charges/trial are probably not going to happen. Of course, nothing's final till the obese opera diva melodically vocalizes. Link Removed
  20. sdprof

    Guess What Detroit’s Police Chief Credits For Crime Decline

    Creative bookkeeping is also at play in Chitcago. long 2 part article here: Link Removed The Truth About Chicago?s Crime Rates: Part 2 | Chicago magazine | June 2014