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  1. p95_9mm

    CC .22 Cal??

    Ok guys, question?? Would you carry a Mark 1 through 3 .22Cal for CC?? Would a 22 bullet do the job if needed??
  2. p95_9mm

    Choosing Carry ammo for 9mm... help!

    That is what i use is the Winchester 147 G hollow points
  3. p95_9mm

    Home Defense ammo!!

    What does everyone think is a good Self defense ammo? Has anyone used Winchester 147 G Hollow points??
  4. p95_9mm


    I figured i would give a shout out to the people who might have Facebook thats on this site, My email is [email protected] U can find me on FB and add me if you want!!:biggrin:
  5. p95_9mm

    CC in South Dakota!

    I'm having a little trouble understanding the carry laws of SD. It really doesnt say in the handbook where your allowed to carry, Like stores, malls, Walmart things like that, Anyone from SD that can tell me anything about where its legal to carry in this state?
  6. p95_9mm

    G96 clp!

    Has anyone used G96 CLP to clean and lube there gun? If so what steps do you take to clean the gun?:biggrin:
  7. p95_9mm

    Trigger pull!

    Just left ya a Message on Facebook. I liked your page!!
  8. p95_9mm

    Trigger pull!

    Thanks a Lot!!:biggrin:
  9. p95_9mm

    Trigger pull!

    The video dont work Reuben!!
  10. p95_9mm

    Trigger pull!

    Whats the right way to put your finger on the trigger as to not make the gun go left or right with the Index Finger? Do you use the pad of the finger? I need to work on that but wanna get it right!!
  11. p95_9mm

    Hi from Sioux Falls!

    Hey guys new to the Forum here!! Glad i can be a part of it with all of you!!:biggrin: