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  1. rugerfan.64

    Back to NC

    Headed back to Norht Carolina in the AM,near Kinston. Any where around Kinston to pick up a few reloading supplies? I always try to pick up what I can while I'm out and about. Work takes me to some interesting places.
  2. rugerfan.64

    Castle Doctrine at work in MS

    A man who shot and killed a 17-year-old Saturday during an attempted robbery at his Forest home won't be charged, police said. Derrick Ficklin, 17, of Carthage and another teenager allegedly tried to rob the unidentified homeowner. The shooting occurred around 9:20 p.m. in the 500 block of Oak...
  3. rugerfan.64

    S&w 57

    May have a lead on a S&W model 57 is the number I beleive,anyway its a large frame 41 mag 4 " barrel. Shows a good bit of holster wear but mechanically sound as I was told by my brother. Guy is asking 400 $. Opinions?
  4. rugerfan.64

    Bathtub Test.

    During a visit to the mental institution, I asked the director how do you determine whether or not a patient should be committed. "Well," said the director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." "Oh...
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    Here is a gunsmith that was recommended to me by my brother. He did some rechamber work for him while he was in Brandon. By the photos and my brothers recommendation I will be sending him some work soon. Have any of you used this guy before? I have communicated with him via email,and he seems to...
  6. rugerfan.64

    How did ya'll do this deer season?

    Well hells bells,, I killed a couple of freezer does,,kids killed a couple. And then I had to come over to Shreveport LA and earn a living. So basically my deer season was cut way way short. Much to my dismay. :( what I wanna know is how did everyone else do? We have enought meat in the freezer...
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    My father in law,a Vietnam vet and pretty much all around good guy. After my wife and I have been married for almost 2 years now,she informs me that her dad will be taking an NRA Class provided through his work place in Indiana and says he will be purchasing his first handgun and applying for...
  8. rugerfan.64

    Range Etiquette?

    So being from MS and always having access to a place to shoot on our own family farm,I have never paid a penny to go shooting somewhere. Being that my job has taken me to Shreveport LA,and being that we're off on Sundays,I found a range. So my question is,is there any set protocol that is...
  9. rugerfan.64

    Roping A Deer.

    I've received this only a few times over the years. I always get a good laugh out of it. Hope you do too. Author unknown - for good reason Actual letter from someone who farms, He writes well and tried this: I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for...
  10. rugerfan.64

    Fla CCW

    I know why ya'll cc in FL. Stopped at a local c store,some old lady followed me out to the company truck insisting that i take her home! LOL. It wasnt a bad looking c store either. I'm down in Gainseville for a few days. Are there any normal people down here? Surely there are. Be glad to get...
  11. rugerfan.64

    Awesome day!!

    Mississippi State beat Ol Miss in the Egg Bowl,, My daughter and I both killed deer,,had a wonderful visit with my in laws this weekend,,they spoiled my new daughter,,and now if she would only sleep all night. It has been a great day!!
  12. rugerfan.64

    Thanksgiving deer

    Finally after 6 days of hunting and seeing hardly nothing at all,the deer started moving!
  13. rugerfan.64

    game cam pics

    Ok,I've already shown off my brand spankin new daughter. Now I may as well show off some of our pet deer. Hope y'all enjoy.
  14. rugerfan.64

    New Daughter

    Hi y'all The wife and I just got home with our new bundle of joy. I would like you all to meet Little Rugerfannette.Great site,great people.
  15. rugerfan.64

    Steal a kid

    Youth week starts here tomorrow,and being that we have wild deer and have to actually go out and look for them,I have the honor of taking a friend of mines youngest son out tomorrow. His dad is in Iraq serving his tour. His papaw and mamaw are leaving in the morning for the mtns of TN so he...
  16. rugerfan.64

    Deer season

    So tonight I've been cruising the forum,almost threw up because of one of the posts,reading about the Soldiers that lost their lives at Ft Hood. Generally this forum is a real depressing site for me. With the political climate and all the goings on in the world it really makes me wish the Lord...
  17. rugerfan.64

    I'm starting to like this stuff

    11/05/09 Friggin early in the morning, one shot to knock her on her butt. I dont know if its the fun of hunting them,the shooting, or if I just dislike coyotes. But hunting these PESTS is a real kick in the @$$. Try it and save a bunny or a fawn,or maybe little fluffly will be safe when she goes...
  18. rugerfan.64

    5 month wait

    :angry: After 5 mos I finally received my holster from CCW Supply. The initial shipment was in a fairly timely manner,but it was a holster shipped in error. So after finally getting the merchant on the phone and getting the issue to him it only took 5 mos give or take for me to get the holster I...
  19. rugerfan.64

    Spork? Zero Tolerance run Amuck

    Rained out today at work so the wife and I are watching FoxNews,some kid got suspended from school for having a SPORK! They were contemplating sending him to reform school. He was a first grader for petes sake. I related to her how we used to carry shotguns to school on the bus. She almost had...
  20. rugerfan.64

    Coyote Hunt 10 1 09

    My brother and I went over to a dairy farmer friend of mine and tried to thin out the coyote population. This is the results of our third set up. First one was shot at about 160-180 yards on the trot,I was rested on a strand of barbed wire. Thought I'd missed because immediately after the shot I...