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  1. milkmood

    IWB Holster for Taurus PT-145 ?

    Is there such a thing as an inside the waistband paddle holster for the M-Pro 45 ? I'm kind of chubby and I don't usually wear a belt; mostly drawstring type basketball shorts, but I'd like something that can comfortably conceal my PT-145. I'm hoping for something under $50. Any suggestions...
  2. milkmood

    Google is anti gun

    Money talks louder than their own policies. Google Shopping searches for firearms always returns what you're looking for and many, many companies selling guns online. Example: Link Removed
  3. milkmood

    Moving from NJ to Arizona. Need advice

    Hey Bill...glad to hear we got another gun-nut coming to AZ! The N.R.A. has put together a good list of gun laws by state here: Link Removed So, plan your route first, then look up the states you have planned to go through and adjust it accordingly. I've made the trip from AZ to Michigan and...
  4. milkmood

    Galil Bolt Catch?

    Hey board... I have this Galil made by Century Arms, it's actually called a Golani Sporter .223. Not effected by the recall. I need to know if the bolt is supposed to catch in the back position? I can't get it to catch in any condition; empty mag, full mag, no mag. I can't imagine a rifle...
  5. milkmood

    Lodging or Camping Near Savannah

    Hey Georgians... My son is returning from Iraq around the 10th-11th of October, and I'm looking for some free or cheap lodging for that entire week. I'm coming from Arizona to greet him and spend his 48 hour pass time with him. I'm not opposed to camping, but not a fan of public, private or...
  6. milkmood

    Holster for my S&W SW40VE Sigma

    I've been eyeballing one of these for my Sigma 40. Link Removed
  7. milkmood

    82 Year Old Shoots At Attacker

    82-year-old fights off attacker March 15, 2010 SIERRA VISTA - An 82-year-old woman takes matters into her own hands after she's attacked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Sierra Vista. Police said the suspect Stephen Prickett beat the woman with her own cane until she grabbed her gun from her...
  8. milkmood

    Friend or Foe Map

    Another user posted this in another thread, but I thought it might be worth having its own thread. AWESOME tool for checking and adding your favorite (or least favorite) businesses to the map. Nationwide, using Google Maps. Add a business that is 2A friendly, with a +1 or +2 rating, or add...
  9. milkmood

    AZ Rancher Murdered by Mexican Terrorists

    I'm shocked there's no mention of this here yet. Shamelessly crossposting from "Off Topic". I posted this on Facebook and sent it out as an email to everybody in my address book. Please do the same. Friends - I am writing this to encourage you to flood your US and state congressional...
  10. milkmood

    AZ Rancher and His Dog Killed On His Border Ranch!!!

    Murder At The Border - THIS STOPS NOW I posted this on Facebook and sent it out as an email to everybody in my address book. Please do the same. Friends - I am writing this to encourage you to flood your US and state congressional representatives and governors with this message - THIS...
  11. milkmood

    Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona

    Mojave County In Violation of Arizona State Law I love Alex Jones and all he does for Constitutional awareness, but as is the case with a lot of the stuff he puts out, this is an exaggeration. There is a lot of information missing from the video, like location for one important thing, and who...
  12. milkmood

    New Jersey Township On Thin 4th Amendment Ice

    Wow, here's a story right out of 1939 Berlin, but happening today under the guise of "Senior Safety". WOW - Seriously? You kick in the door, just like you've always done. And why are the police doing this and not EMS ? You people trust the police way too much. Link Removed
  13. milkmood

    S&W Sigma Trigger Troubles

    I have a couple of problems that may be related. The first and most important problem is that I can't hit an 18" target from 5 yards :mad::mad::mad: But thankfully, I think that's related to a sticky trigger. When I squeeze the trigger, not only is it a heavy trigger and a long trigger (those...
  14. milkmood

    Police Department Glock 22 Raffle

    As a fund raiser for a local Police Explorers program, one of our local police departments is raffling off a Glock 22 with special limited edition police department engravings. I'm trying to find out if this can be made public, or if it's just for the families of the Explorers. If it's public...