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  1. Cerick

    Non-Res Transporting handgun through MA

    Somone recently told me that you would go to jail if you transport a hangun through MA. Period. No matter what. I think he said for non-res though. Sounds obsurd to me. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  2. Cerick

    Can I buy a gun in a state if I am a Non-Resident?

    I moved from FL to NJ recently. I want to buy a gun now and I dont feel like waiting 5+ months for my Firearms ID card or Pistol Permit. With my FL licence that I still have and my FL CCW permit, which Pennsylvania honors, can I buy a gun in Pennsylvania?
  3. Cerick

    Transporting weapons through SC

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Anyway in two days i'll be moving from Florida to New Jersey. I was wondering if South Carolina had any laws about non residents transporting firearms through the state. I have just one pistol that will be locked in a case in my trunk, seperate from the ammo. I'm...