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    Is my GFL still good?

    i just recently moved to orlando, florida for college. i was a georgia resident and also held a georgia firearms license. now that i have a florida drivers license i am no longer a resident. would any of you know if my GFL is still good when i travel to georgia to visit.
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    handgun for my wife

    We are moving to florida in a month and she is worried about break-ins because our apartment is on the first floor. Also she wants a firearm to carry in her purse for protection reasons. what would be some of yalls opinions on a firearm for her. Thanks
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    Transporting a firearm in GA

    i am kind of confused now i have read laws and talked to many police officers in the area. i have heard that you can carry in your car without a license but it must be in the glove box or center console, but ive also heard it can be anywhere in the car if in plain view. i prefer between the seat...