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    SC & GA official now!!!!!!!!!!

    Link Removed
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    What Would You Do? Waffle House Robbery

    Lately the waffle houses have been getting rob in my area @ gun point. The gunman comes in a shots into the celing and then rob the place. The waffle house around the corner from me got rob tonight. My question is what would you do if you are sitting down eating a meal and this happens? On the...
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    Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Resident/Non-Resident Reciprocity

    I email AZ CWP DEPT for a friend of mine to get a application for a non-resident for him. They replied and said we only have one permit - we do not differentiate between resident and non-resident. My question is, on the carry maps should'nt the reciprocity be the same for the resident and...
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    Az cwp

    Yes I read it did you its right there in front of your eyes. (d)An original or a copy of a concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit or a license as prescribed by subsection N, paragraph 7 of this section N. An applicant shall demonstrate competence with a firearm through any of the...
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    Az cwp

    Just to let you know that you can get an AZ non-resident CWP for $60 within 2wks. It covers a lot more states then New Hampshire and PA non-resident. I got mine back in 12 days.
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    Girlfriend got her South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit

    :pleasantry:My girlfriend got her CWP in 68 days wow! Receive Oct 14 got it back on Dec 22nd.
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    New Guy w/ ?

    I have the Glock 37 .45 GAP, try the 37,38,39. They may cost around $550.00 Link Removed
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    SC Road Check

    Do you need to show your driver license & gun permit when going through a road check or being pulled over by police if you are the passenger when carring concealed?
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    Glock 21 Explodes In Deputy's Hand

    :angry:WOW!!!!! Must have been the ammo. Link Removed
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    Happy Holidays

    Have a safe & wonderful holidays gun owners be safe.:pleasantry:
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    45 gap acp?

    I owns a G37 .45GAP, I would get the .45GAP then the .45ACP they are not interchangeable. Check this link out. The .45GAP ammo is much stronger then the .45ACP Link Removed or
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    Do anybody know where I can purchased some .45GAP Federal Premium Hydra-Shok 230 Grain from. Gun dealers in my area are short on ammo.
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    I lost my SC CWP due too charges

    SLED have ask me to return my SC CWP even though I have not been convicted of Assualt/Simple Assualt and Battery which is a misdemeanor. So be careful not to get charge with anything seems to me that they found me guilty before I go to court. After I go to court these charges will be drop due to...