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    Glock Trigger Breakin

    I have a question on the Glock's trigger. On most guns, the trigger gets better after a few hundred rounds (or dry fires) because it breaks in. However, as I understand it the Glock trigger is a different animal. Does it break in as well? I have considered going to a lighter disconnector but...
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    Finally took the plunge

    I've been considering a new gun purchase for a while. Well, the ever-intuitive Mrs. Tiger decided to give me a gift card to the local gun shop for our anniversary. So, I am now the proud owner of a Gen 4 Glock 22. I took it to the range this past weekend. It shoots well but I will have to...
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    Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.

    This is something that happened to me about a year ago. I have an Uncle Mike's Fanny Pack holster for my PM9 and Smith 60 (same pack works for both). It was obvious to me what it was but I figured the non-gun enthusiast would not know what it was. One day I was wearing it while taking a walk...
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    Anyone watch "Sons of Guns" Wednesday night?

    I'm kind of confused. The project they took was to develop a way to mount 2 M-16s onto a boat, and have them capable of sustained fully automatic fire. The project was for the "Brown Water Navy" (I'll get into the reason for the quotes in a second). What they wound up doing was converting...
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    They Have made to MY STATE!!

    I hear this bunch may be coming to South Carolina as well. That might be a really bad move.
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    Confused on CCW Reform bill

    I have a question on the SC CCW reform bill. Will it affect those of us that have a SC permit and a non-resident permit from another state? For example, I have the SC resident permit and a NH non-resident. Will this affect the NH non-resident?
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    Smartcarry variations

    I am considering a smartcarry for my Ruger LCP w/Crimson Trace laser. I saw on their website that they have several variations. I was hoping to get some information from people with experience with these. Here are my questions: Is the "security" model with the pocket behind the holster...
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    Favorite Gun Myths

    Just for some fun, let's hear some of your favorite "gun myths." I will post a couple of my favorites as an example: 1) A shot to the wrist/ankle/whatever extremity with a .45 ACP is instantly fatal 2) The .45 ACP willl knock you down if it hits you on the tip of the finger. The .45 is a...
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    Source - Cell phones w/o contracts

    I need a little help. Last year my wife and I upgraded our cell phones to Blackberries. Well, in the interest of saving money this year we decided to go back to regular cell phones (a smartphone requires a $30.00/phone/month data plan). The problem is, in the past year my wife has become a...
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    RCBS Customer Service - Excellent

    I emailed RCBS Sunday about a drop-tube for my powder measure. About 6 years ago I moved and, in the process a toolbox disappeared that contained several small reloading tools, including this drop tube (I think). I was asking which one to order since I did not see anything on their website...
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    Ruger Blackhawk vs Ruger Vaquero

    Are the Ruger Blackhawk and Vaquero basically the same strength-wise? They appear to be the same but I've seen ammo (Buffalo Bore) rated for the Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk only, with no mention of the Vaquero.
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    Range Report - First reloads in 7 years

    I finally got a chance to try some reloads I put together a few weeks ago using the powder I talked about in the "Powder Life Expectancy/Expiration" thread I started a while back. Here are the results: .44 Magnum Load - 240g Speer JSP/22 grains H110/CCI Magnum primers Rounds Loaded/ Shot -...
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    Has reloading become even more important?

    Do you guys think reloading has become even more important that it has been in the past? Given the shortage of ammo (which has somewhat subsided), and the fact many of us predict that there will be another "gun grab" in the future, do you think that it is getting to the point that anyone who...
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    Reloading data

    I was looking at the Montana Gold Bullets webpage and I have a question. Where do you get reloading data for different combinations of bullets/powder/primer? I have a Speer reloading manual but would I need a manual for each brand of bullet (most I've seen are from the bullet manufacturer) or...
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    Can we get a sticky for SC gunsmiths?

    I think it would be very valuable to have a sticky of SC gunsmiths (like we do for ranges and gun stores). Specifically I'd like to find one in the Seneca-Anderson-Greenvillle area.
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    Powder Life expectancy, expiration

    How long can powder be kept before it is considered unsafe to use (assuming it is kept dry)? I have some that is probably 9 years old - can I safely use it or should I dispose of it? Thanks.
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    1911 feeding issues

    I have a Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded that I purchased about 8 years ago. At my last range session I had a jam where it appeared the round (a Speer Gold Dot 230gr JHP) went nose-up into the barrel hood. I would have tried to make it repeat this problem but I didn't have any more of this ammo...
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    1911 Extractor angle

    Just realized this is in the wrong place. Mods-please delete
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    Sent off the New Hampshire non-resident application today.

    I finally got around to sending in my non-resident NH CWP application today. We'll see how it goes.
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    Revolver or Semi-Automatic

    I've heard of that thing. I kind of wonder what the point of it is (seems like it would have the disadvangates of both the semi-auto and the revolver) but it definitely gets a A on the coolness factor. I wonder if, should it not cycle completely it will work like a standard DA revolver...