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    Looking at getting a Desert Eagle...44 magnum or 50AE...[emoji41]

    Sort of a dishwasher/bath for guns/rifles. After a trip to the range I just field strip and throw 2-4 guns in for a half hour, wipe off, lube and reassemble. All done cleaning. A bit expensive to first purchase but well worth it if you shoot a lot. Im kicking myself for not having gotten one...
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    Sig 1911 45 ACP "We The People" Special Edition

    Sharing my latest acquisition :dance3: :dance3: :dance3: Sig 1911 45 ACP "We The People" Special Edition
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    When local business post no weapons

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    How many people sleep with their guns?

    I have several beside guns. One which is usually just hanging off the bed headboard and ready for quick access. As well as a small gun safe on the end table next to the bed with a few more choices. Also in truth I usually wind up sleeping down on the couch in the living room alot so I mounted a...
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    Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    I have the biometric speedvault mounted to the side of my couch in the living room. I also have another type of biometric safe upstairs. Overall I have no problems with the biometric reading of either of my safes. With this speed safe though is more of a finger swipe over the scanner than a...