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    Arizona Concealed Carry Permin Application time

    Just wondering how long it takes to get a ccw? I'm in no rush just wondering. I sent mine in at the begining of this past week.
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    New law ? doubt it.

    N.J. senator pushes law allowing residents to carry handguns | If you can't click on it copy and paste it.
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    Receipt for payment normal?

    I just received a receipt for payment today for the money order I sent in with my non-resident application. Is this normal I have Fl. and NH and just got the permits is this a good thing?
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    Springfield XD 40 or 380

    I only have two more days to make up my mind. (NJ permit expires on the 15th) I have an old Colt Trooper Mk IV and 2 S&W MPs 9mm & 40 cal. So the question is (with out starting WWIII) what do you guys think? I like the feel of the XD sub compact but the 380 feels good as well I know we are not...
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    Best state permits?

    NJ resident. I have my Fl. permit and I'm waiting on my NH non resident (should be soon ) any other states worth looking into? or do you think I'm good with what I have. Not looking to go crazy but I want to be LEGAL if I travel. Thanks in advance.
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    Fl. CCW permit for NJ reident

    I just sent in my paperwork to Fl. last week with ink paper prints and I live in NJ. Does anyone know of the average (if there is such a thing) wait time to have them issue the permit.