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    Winchester Model 1885, H K Wineland barrel.

    Hello all, I picked up a Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall. At some time along the way some one made it into a custom .22 with a bull barrel stamped H K Wineland. I have looked for any referance to this man in the gun world and have not fond any info on them. Can anyone help me out with some...
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    S&W Model 29-2

    Hello All, Over this fine weekend I picked up a S&W Model 29-2, it has been gently used. The only thing that it has had done to it is at some place in its life the barrel was ported. Did they come this way or did someone have this done? Thanks for any info that you guys can give.
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    Anyone ever seen one of these?

    It says Safari Club International, the barrel has Education one one side and Coservation on the other and Mag-na-port on the bolt. Link Removed
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    Anyone ever seen one of these?

    Looking for some info, just picked this up and can't find anything about it. Link Removed
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    How many carry a Glock or XD with one in the chamber

    Just wondering how many people carry a XD or Glock with one in the chamber? I have a XD but feel very unsafe carrying with one in the chamber. I have several 1911 .45 that I would feel uncomfortable carrying with out one in the chamber.
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    I swear this is the last one.......

    Link Removed Easter Basket wasn't empty, just my brain was on vacation. Thanks for the help.
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    Springfield XD 357 Sig.

    Thinking about buying a XD in .357 sig, anyone know anything about this gun? Can I buy new barrels like you can for the Glock?
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    Do not do this..... Remember your training.

    Posted: 5:28 p.m. Dec. 29, 2009 | Updated: 7:57 p.m. today After 3 break-ins, Detroit man calmly shoots, kills intruder, cops say By TAMMY STABLES BATTAGLIA FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER Comments (330) Recommend (27) Print E-mail Letter to the editor Share Tigh Croff’s home in Detroit had been...
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    Kimber Gold Match

    Hello All, I'm looking at buying a Kimber Gold Match Stainless. Local gun store has one that is used, less than 100 through it. It's priced at less than $900.00. Is this a good buy?