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    Recipe for .38 XTP 140 gr Accurate #7 WSP primers

    I have looked in the online Accurate Reloading Guide and the Hornady 9th Eddition for a recipe for: Caliber: .38 Bullet: 140 gr XTP Powder: Accurate #7 Primer: WSP I know there are other powders, such as Accurate #5, that can be used. I have been looking...
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    Glock 36 Hornady XTP FTL issue

    I am loading Hornady 230 gr XTPs for my Glock 36. I started out with the Accurate #7 loading recipe COL of 1.230. Of the first five maggazines filled and loaded, for three of them the first round Failed to load. They jammed against the bottom of the barrel slide with the very bottom edge of...
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    C.O.L. Question

    I am loading 230gr XTPs in .45 ACP for my Glock 36. I am using the Accurate Loading Data and setting the bullet to achieve the published C.O.L. of 1.230". Of the five clips I loaded with the rounds, three of them did not cycle (load) the first time. I had to pull the slide back, jiggle a bit...
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    45 ACP Hornady XTP 185 gr Accurate #7

    I am looking for a load for a Glock 36 using Winchester Large Pistol primers, Accurate #7 powder and Hornady 185 gr XTP bullets. I have looked in the Accurate Reloading Guide and in the 9th Addition Hornady Reloading Manual and cannot find anything for the 185 gr XTPs with Accurate #7. Yes, I...