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  1. Ropadope

    Charles daly

    :biggrin: LMAO, again !!! I agree. 1911's, of any brand name or quality are pistols that need a lot of love and care to run smoothly throughout their lifetime. If you get a 1911 and it fires 200 rounds smoothly it is NOT a sign of reliability !! If you can get across the 1,000 round count...
  2. Ropadope

    adjunk on my 500 mossburg.

    XS sights are probably some of the best sights available on the market. Check here for shotgun sights: Link Removed You may want to call them and ask about installation.
  3. Ropadope

    The False Security Of Laser Aiming Devices And Their General Uselessness.

    There's a lot of truth in this thread and a lot of BS !! Here is Larry Vickers take on visible lasers and Crimson Trace lasers. Notice my Avatar ? Green eyes, green lasers. An entirely different use of night vision and lasers, but theres a reason you want to "own the night" Larry is a...
  4. Ropadope

    Army Looking To Replace The M4

    Link Removed Lot's of M14's are being used as DMR rifles and semi auto sniper systems. One of the main M14 replacement platforms is the M14 EBR with the chasis system from SAGE. Don't know if you can see that photo good enough or not but he has the M14EBR with the SAGE chasis system with a...
  5. Ropadope

    Myths of cover with your squad car

    Attention Law Enforcement Officers, DEA Agents, FBI etc. MSG Paul Howe, former Special Forces and 1st/SFOD-D (Delta) has alway's brought his combat experience to his shooting schools for both Military and Law Enforcement as well as for selected civillians. He alway's pushes the envelope in...
  6. Ropadope

    Larry Vickers Carbine 1 and 2 videos

    If you don't know who Larry Vickers is then you have not been in the tactical carbine or pistol game long enough to know who's who in the reality world of real world training classes for civillians, military and police forces. Here is a short but informational piece on his carbine/AR15...
  7. Ropadope

    Impressions on Sig 516? compared to colt?

    LMAO !!! Here's a review of the Lewis Machine Tool CQB MRP and MRP rifles both DI and Piston guns. HERE: Link Removed
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    VTAC Zig Zag Drill for Carbine

    VTAC Zig Zag drill in under 12 seconds. First you might want to master the fundamentals of proper carbne handling and shooting, especiall shooting on the move. Hope this helps to motivate our members into driving for higher efficiency carbine shooting skills. Kyle Lamb, founder of VTAC...
  9. Ropadope

    New Kimber Free !!!!

    Yes, I said FREE !!! Here's the back story. A gunsmith, who I've known for years and years, has run for County Commissioner a few times now and never beat the incumbent. I do occassional business with him. Trades, buy parts, have parts installed etc. Few months back he say's "I'v running...
  10. Ropadope

    Best belt?

    I'm tellin ya ! If you guy's wear alot of khaki or Olive Drab cargos you'll love the SOE Gear riggers belt. For that matter even black or camo. It will be the best $40 you'll spend in a long time. Order a two inch increase in your actual belt size. You'll want enough room to have the belt...
  11. Ropadope

    Cover Your Rails

    I don't put any rail covers on the bottom rail. I have though, at times, had a smaller 6 rib panel on the bottom rail and the VFG was on the rail just in front of the 6 rib panel. If you look you'll see smaller rail panel sections. You can then cover the remaining rail sections pretty well...
  12. Ropadope

    Best belt?

    I mostly wear a khaki pant/cargo so I stick with a riggers belt. For dress pants I've used the Kramer leather belts for a years. Brown and black with highly polished buckles. HERE: Link Removed
  13. Ropadope

    Pat McNamara 2 day Carbine and Pistol class

    Grey Group training is hosting this class. "Mac" spent 22 years in various Special Operations units in the U. S. Army. The majority of the time with a Special Missions Unit/ Delta. If you can afford to go or live near Carthage N.C. this is the best two day's you'll ever spend on...
  14. Ropadope

    Opinions on M&P AR's

    Yes, I own several LMT variants. I prefer their CQB MRP uppers, unless you want to build an SPR type upper with a match type barrel etc. Then your talking a whole new ball game and dollars. The LMT CQB MRP uppers are a mid length gas system, not carbine. I prefer this gas system. Bravo...
  15. Ropadope

    OC'd in Hooters

    Visited an old Ranger buddy of mine from 3rd Ranger Batt this past weekend. Both of us OC'd our weapons at Hooters. Not one person asked, looked or inquired about our weapons. Of course this was Bullett County, Kentucky. :biggrin:
  16. Ropadope

    First Long Gun - LMT AR-15 Mods and Chambering

    Yes, I like the MOD 3 large charger. Some guy's may not go for the large latch due to kit issues when the rifle is slung but I'v had no problems with it hanging up on MOLLE gear, thus far. I use just my off hand index finger on the large latch and it is easily charged and quickly without the...
  17. Ropadope

    High quality AR15 UPPERS

    Knights Armament Manufacturing SR15 E3 complet upper with E3 Bolt, carrier, URX II rail system, mid length and both front and rear Knights iron sights. Cold forged Hammer barrel 16" If you've built you lower and are looking for a high quality complete package upper It really doesn't get better...
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    So you think your Department needs 1911's ?

    Choosing the right 1911 for duty use. I'm often surprised at LEO deparpments that think they need the 1911 for duty use. Why ? It takes more than a good deal from Kimber or Springfield to actually put them out on the street without knowing what your getting into. From Hilton Yamm. Choosing...
  19. Ropadope

    Springfield MC "Operator Loaded .45 ACP

    I purchased a Springfield Armory Loaded Black Stainless just 3 weeks ago and now I've gone and done it again. :man_in_love: A close buddy of mine with the 82nd Airborne picked up the Springfield Armory Loaded "MC" Operator 1911 .45 ACP and he told me that the shop we generally do business with...
  20. Ropadope

    Open carrying this morning and LEO"s

    Couldn't sleep so I wanted/needed another pack of smokes and coffee, didn't have coffee in the house. I recently picked up the XDm .40 Smith and Wesson. I used the paddle holster that came with the pistol with a pair of jeans and a black turtle neck sweater being sure to tuck the sweater in...