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    Carring in a vehicle in SC

    ^^^this^^^ Link Removed -
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    Does Change In Residency Nullify My Previous License?

    Short answer- "Yes". (If you change your address, you nullify your current permit.) Check you laws to see how much time you have to change things over. Most states require a residency "time" before you can apply for a residential permit. SC does NOT offer, nor does it "honor" ANY...
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    More anti open carry BS....

    Neither one come to a person easily; nor, without hardship & sacrifice. -
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    Signs of the End of the Age & The Last Generation

    Again you are WRONG! It is "you" that does not know- not I. I'm not going to argue because you have renounce all reason and are blinded by your ignorance- Link Removed
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    Carrying on Beale street in Memphis?

    Tell that to the guy in the above article- So what if he was drunk & out late? He was on Beale Street for goodness sake! That's what people have done there forever! I'm from Memphis and have lots of friends & family still there. I was in LE there and I have friends & family who still are...
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    Bad idea??

    I think I'll go with "Very Stupid Troll". -
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    Open Carry

    Stories like these don't count. Security officers & LEOS are usually doing their job and trying to apprehend or question somebody that is already a suspect. They just don't have any legit correlation with normal civilian OC'ers. But, since you brought it up- If OC is such a bad thing, why do...
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    Poll for those who carry an automatic, either open or concealed

    Since the OP stated earlier that it was the intent of this thread to address the beginner or novice, I think it's a good idea to also clear up any confusion between the terms: "automatic" vs "semiautomatic".
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    Michael Brown

    Link Removed
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    Science now agrees with what many of us have always said- "TrueAtheism is impossible"

    Science now agrees with what many of us have always said- "TrueAtheism is impossible" Science is again playing catch up to the TRUTH of Scripture- Pretty interesting reading Scientists Say Atheists May Not Exist | Around the World with Ken Ham Link & snip-i from the article published in...
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    Oklahoma Open Carry. What are your thoughts?

    Well you found "one". I see an average of 4-6 "CC'er" incidents every single month in the NRA magazine's "Armed Citizen" column. It's been that way for the 30+ yrs I've been reading it. S, I like the OC odds better I think. Doesn't stand to reason that if "OC" was so much more dangerous...
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    Fell today- It looks like I'm gonna be restricted awhile- Prayers Appreciated

    I fell down some steps and broke my radius joint & messed up my wrist & shoulder on my right arm. I also broke the middle finger on my left hand. Right now I'm splinted from the shoulder to the fingers on my right hand and splinted on my left hand. So I'm down to having the use of two fingers an...
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    YEP! Proud to have a Governor like this-
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    Travelling from Indiana to South Carolina

    Link Removed SC does not recognize Indiana. So, you will not be able to CC here. If you can legally "own" a firearm, you can car carry as long as the firearm is carried in a "closed" compartment with an integral latch. (IE; glove box, console or safe.)...
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    So many good things in this article-- Makes me proud to live where I do

    We just had an article come out in our local paper that makes me proud to live where I do. Study: Florence, Darlington counties are locked and loaded Emphasis added Just one more reason I thankful to live in the south -
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    Can anyone ID this holster?

    Link Removed Link Removed
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    SC CCW training?

    Here's a link to the new CWP laws- Link Removed Here's a link to the form required to be sent in before a CWP is issued- Link Removed
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    CCW holder riding in passages seat.

    You will need to look at the law in all the states you'll be traveling through. Go here and do a little research; then print out the relevant statutes. Link Removed Kentucky - Tennessee - Alabama (It looks like there is "No" duty to inform in these other three states.) Please be aware that...
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    UpLULA speed loader

    That thing looks AWESOME!!! -