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  1. Rick O'Shay

    OK, people give me grief for the "bulge" when I carry concealed

    Ricbak, What is that bizarre white substance on the hood of your truck?
  2. Rick O'Shay

    Permit change from FL to TN

    Yup, I do know. Get yourself a driver's license and then apply for your permit. You will probably have to take the class, but so what? Right? Link Removed I also recommend this forum for TN gun owners: Tennessee Gun Owners - Powered by vBulletin
  3. Rick O'Shay

    Love in a Single-Wide

    I had to go to a wedding outside of Ripley, TN yesterday. Needless to say we didn't stay for the reception... YouTube - A Single-Wide Wedding :cray:
  4. Rick O'Shay

    Need some quick facts

    My g/f is interviewing a city commissioner tomorrow morning on the radio about city parks and banning guns there. She asked me for some background and facts she can use in the interview. I need some quick info I can print out and provide for her. I don't have much time so I was hoping some of...
  5. Rick O'Shay

    I cried the whole way through.

    This may be a re-post, but if anything deserves it, this does. YouTube - *Staff Sergeant First Class John C. Beale* June 11, 2009
  6. Rick O'Shay

    Announcement for Pascal Fleischman

    Pascal became a brand new daddy yesterday with the birth of a son. The young critter was born at 7lb 11oz and 20". Congrats Pascal!
  7. Rick O'Shay


    Lately my thoughts have been turning towards preparedness, but even more so last week when a typical Midsouth thunderstorm with higher than normal winds blew through. 120,000+ folks were without power including my older parents who have my sister and her kids living with them temporarily. They...
  8. Rick O'Shay

    Ammo found in Memphis

    Guns and Ammo on Summer (in Memphis) has plenty of ammo, except for .380 and .45 Colt. I bought 100 rounds of .308 to celebrate!
  9. Rick O'Shay

    Introducing the Ghetto Glock!

    Glock 22 (Gold inlaid) : Semi-auto at
  10. Rick O'Shay


    I have grown an an unexplainable urge to run out and buy Aimpoint.... GunsAmerica TV :man_in_love:
  11. Rick O'Shay

    Global warming! Omg!

    Good movie here. It is long, but good. Link Removed
  12. Rick O'Shay

    When the shiznit hits the fan

    The young fellows in the Heartland like this will be carrying the fight. My nephew:
  13. Rick O'Shay

    RE: The Tea Parties from a Leftist POV.

    RE: The Tea Parties from a Leftist POV. Link Removed Boston Tea Party, circa 2009 In these tough times, with the Mexican drug war and all, I couldn’t raise enough cash to attend the G20 and NATO protests in London, Germany, and France. Way down the list of other things to do on a sunny day...
  14. Rick O'Shay

    And you thought Star Trek technobabble was impenetrable.

    This was well done. I am a mechanical engineer, and caught enough actual true lingo to have me wondering whether I was techno-deficient or something. Some of what was said was actually true, but the majority was gibberish. Kudos to them for getting me to check! Very well done. I didn't save...
  15. Rick O'Shay

    You never really know somebody...

    So you think I should forward it to "Pappy"? :biggrin: :nhl_checking: The email in question: Of interest to all... Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: "Jameel Jaffer, ACLU" <[email protected]> > Date: April 16, 2009 7:10:36 PM CDT > To: > Subject: Breaking news: Torture...
  16. Rick O'Shay

    You never really know somebody...

    There is a CAD tech I work with who I thought was a pretty good guy, until today. He forwarded an email from the ACLU to me about the "torture" memos release, with the email entitled "For those who are concerned about this". I replied with a three word reply concerning the ACLU and a certain...
  17. Rick O'Shay

    For you younger folks:

    Actually it is a tax credit, but thanks for the info. I just went back into my Turbo Tax and plugged in a fictitious house I bought, and yes, I would get $8k in a check from Uncle Sugar. Wow! Link Removed Expanded Tax Break Available for 2009 First-Time Homebuyers IR-2009-14, Feb. 25, 2009...
  18. Rick O'Shay

    For you younger folks:

    For you younger folks wanting to buy a house while prices and interest rates are down, and finding myself in the same situation, I recently discovered an interesting tidbit that will potentially help in this situation. Disclaimer: I do not have all the details and may be missing something, but...
  19. Rick O'Shay

    Gun Database Ignites Debate in Tennessee

    This is from today Link Removed
  20. Rick O'Shay

    I need some recomendations:

    An older woman I work with called me this evening wanting my assistance in walking her through the permitting process and in purchasing a gun. Here is the situation: She, like I said, is older with limited arm strength, she is a tiny thing. She will probably have difficulty racking a slide...