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  1. njsportsman


    I live in the Peoples Republic of NJ and I would have put this post in the NJ forum but since no one has been there for over a year I thought I'd have a better chance of responses here. Anyway I am looking for firearm training, in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area within an hour and a half. To...
  2. njsportsman

    HR 38 update

    I feel for you as I am also a resident in the Peoples Republic of NJ. I agree with niceshootintex. Get out but, like you I am a couple of years out. We have bigger issues right now and that is Phil Murphy who most likely will be our next Governor. He vows to pass all Christies veto's on guns...
  3. njsportsman

    Taurus 709FS PT709 Slim

    Anybody have any experience with this firearm or anything of equal value? I am considering getting one. Here it is in a nut shell all I have is $200 to spend maybe i could stretch it $50. I live in New Jersey so, i am limited to time which is about 2 weeks left on my handgun permit. I just blew...
  4. njsportsman

    Beretta M9A1

    Does anyone know anything about the Beretta M9A1 model JS92M9A1M? I cannot find one anywhere but the 92FS I can find but the M9A1 I cannot. Did they stop making them perhaps? Thanks
  5. njsportsman

    Quick question

    Maybe dumb I don't know I am a beginner and finally got my setup up and running after about a year of dragging my feet but, anyway I have a RCBS Rock Chucker and my question is this can you use LEE dies with an RCBS machine? I would think it's a standard fit but not sure. I am ordering them...
  6. njsportsman

    Little help with flying and guns

    I am taking a trip from Philadelphia International to Orlando International and never flew taking a gun before. I've read the Philly airport page and I see you have to declare it at baggage ok but, how do you get there from the metal detector and security? Do you declare before it goes through...
  7. njsportsman

    Beretta 92FS

    In the market for a SA/DA but, have a budget. I really want a SIG but for now that will have to wait because I do not have a grand. I really never thought much of the Beretta's but I am giving them a second look. Shot the FS92 and loved the way it handled and shot but, I was looking around for...
  8. njsportsman


    Hello I have a Florida non res CCW permit and it's time for renewal. I have a couple of questions 1st can i do electronic finger printing and if so where do I go? 2nd on the renewal form it shows a $42 charge for finger printing I'm assuming that is just for residents since I'll be paying for...
  9. njsportsman

    What would you get?

    I have been kicking the tires on the next handgun to buy. I own a few already and are all modest priced guns $400 $600 range. I have a few extra dollars and want to go big aka Colt or SIG to name a couple. I really like the SIG M11-A1 what a shooter. i also like the Colt 1911's as well as some...
  10. njsportsman

    Storage of components

    I am new to reloading I put it off for years because I do not have a basement and wondering how I would keep the components dry mainly the powder. Well I finally bought a re-loader and now The question comes to how do I keep things dry. I will setup my bench in the garage but, my garage is as...
  11. njsportsman

    Beach Carry

    Let me start by saying I never carried on a beach never really deemed it necessary but, recently with whats going on in the world in our own neighborhoods etc.. etc.. I try not to leave home without it anymore so, which brings me to my question and that's carrying on the beach. Does anyone do so...
  12. njsportsman

    Little help

    As we all know by now Kathleen Kane has just closed the Utah non resident permit reciprocity agreement. Now where to go I know the Texas non res is still good but, you need to appear in person and from I can gather Texas is probably in the cross hairs so, I'm not doing that. Any other...
  13. njsportsman

    Where is the NRA?

    I pay my dues even donate to protect our rights as armed citizens but, I have to say where is the NRA? Maybe it's more complicated then I think or maybe there is something I am missing because I don't see it. It seems to me that the NRA has forgotten about New Jersey or NJ just isn't big enough...
  14. njsportsman

    Holster Store

    What is the general consensus on The Holster Store holsters? Just bought the Pro Carry HD for my XDS. Thanks
  15. njsportsman

    Ammo choice (in NJ)

    I live in New Jerkistan as well and I am not telling you what to do but, I believe they are legal. One thing I will say is no one knows the truth of the matter in this state. The way I interpret it as long as you are not doing anything illegal or have an illegal weapon then you are ok. AGAIN I...
  16. njsportsman

    Question on my new ruger SR40c

    Just got my new Ruger SR40c. I have a question about the magazine disconnect and that is how is it suppose to work. I would think that you shouldn't be able to pull the trigger without the mag in correct? If so; mine isn't working because I can pull the trigger without the mag in and I made no...
  17. njsportsman

    Bianchi 100T

    Anyone have any experience or know anything about Bianchi's new 100T IWB holster? Thinking about getting one and don't see any reviews on them must be a new holster. Thanks in advance
  18. njsportsman


    Was wondering what the consensus of the Ruger SR40c is here? Don't see it on the list of popular carry guns but see the SR9c. Does anyone have any insight yeas nays etc. Thanks
  19. njsportsman

    Glocks and Reloads

    Is it true they don't recommend reloads for Glocks? If so why and what makes other pistols safer with reloads? Thanks
  20. njsportsman

    Paddle Holster

    Maybe this has been beaten to death I don't know and am sorry if it has but, I am looking to get a paddle holster first for my XDS then possibly for others. Just want to know what people have and what is a good holster. I do know not to cheap out as I have in the past and learned the hard way...