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  1. tuts40

    Anyone build or buy a steel ammo storage cabinet?

    I've been looking for a safer way to store bulk ammo, have too much to fit in the safe and would like at least one lock between visiting kids and the ammo, as well as other reasons. Anyway, looked at what Lowe's and Home Depot has for metal storage cabinets and for the $ (almost 300 bucks)...
  2. tuts40

    12g low recoil buckshot

    ****Disregard***** I shot some Winchester Ranger low recoil and it patterned like a dream from my boomer. ...Got home and ordered some. Thanx tho for stopp'n by here!
  3. tuts40

    If AARP supports Obamacare, and liberalism - Try AMAC

    OK, I'm in my early 50's and as many of you have done I've started to realize I'm going to retire one day. ...I hope. Anyway, I cannot stand the AARP for many of their positions and heard a radio commercial for AMAC. Here's their site: AMAC Was Founded to be Your Alternative to AARP | AMAC...
  4. tuts40

    Knowing your state's firearms laws

    Link Removed No finders fee!
  5. tuts40

    Angel Shamaya's take on Veterans.

    Thank you, Angel, for creating not only a very useful site but for the many good writings I've enjoyed. Here's one of his writings I thought you'd like: Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Owners Home Page - 2nd Amendment Supporters
  6. tuts40

    Eat it, Mr. Mayor!

    hehe, I live in Omaha and I find this story wonderful indeed! Link Removed ...Just another reason to be an SAF member!
  7. tuts40

    Choose your holster carefully

    Please, allow me: Link Removed I dunno, I comb the forum here looking for little non-paying jobs I suppose.
  8. tuts40

    New England vs. NY, my take

    I've lived in the New England area, CT, actually. I've never lived in NY but have driven 18 wheels through it, to Long Island and back a time or two. So about the super bowl, here's why I am "rooting" for one versus the other: There are some relatively sane areas in New England (NE), like VT...
  9. tuts40

    what is everyones prefered personal defense ammo in 9mm.?

    Link Removed Thought maybe a link or two might be useful. ;-)
  10. tuts40

    what is everyones prefered personal defense ammo in 9mm.?

    I vote for ALL the above. Here's a site tho that I find interesting: Link Removed
  11. tuts40

    Doomsday Preppers on Nat'l Geographic

    Anyone lucky enough to have access to National Geographic channel? I wish i did, but will have to wait for the dvd to come out, this show sounds like a hoot! Episode Guide - Doomsday Preppers - National Geographic Channel
  12. tuts40

    Another reason to support Crossbreed Holsters

    ~~Moderators feel free to put this where it should go if another area is better suited~~ The Crossbreed Holsters company is a sponsor here and take a look as to where and how else! IMHO, the SuperTuck by Crossbreed (a Christian group, no less) is a most comfortable IWB holster. There are many...
  13. tuts40

    Anyone have first hand, that is, anyone used this sight system?

    Link Removed I'm looking for a better (for me) sighting for my Remington 870 and found this. Was wondering if any of you guys or gals had installed any or had SEEN and fired an 870 with these... First hand experience with it, if anyone has any, would be appreciated.
  14. tuts40

    anybody here tried any Glock Tech Holsters?

    Link Removed There will be a small charge for that, and you are welcome.
  15. tuts40

    Picatinney rail on an 870 with related front bead...

    I have a question for you tactical shotgun guru's. Having an 870 with the drilled & tapped receiver, perhaps as they all might, and want to install this: SHOTGUN RECEIVER MOUNT PICATINNY RAIL - Brownells The idea being that the centerline "valley" along the length could serve as a bit of a...
  16. tuts40

    Dream CCW gun

    .85" or less wide. 4.6" or less tall. 4" octagonal rifled barrel. Sights at least useful in terms of size. Barrel and slide tennifer treated. As dependable as a Glock. Oh yeah, in .380 caliber. In other words, either take the Glock .380 (tho not legal here) and down size the thickness...
  17. tuts40

    Eezox vs. FrogLube?

    Interesting. The 'creeping' factor might be a consideration in a carry gun in that over a bit of time (?) it could creep to the primer of the round. Would that be something to consider? If it works as touted i don't see why stored firearms should be treated with anything else other than...
  18. tuts40

    Hope the link works, cute kitten not taking any crap!

    Link Removed Tucker's Mom: Given your avatar I thought you might especially enjoy this one!
  19. tuts40

    Anyone Know What Holster This Is?

    I think I found a match here: Link Removed If not, it's pretty darn close.
  20. tuts40

    Front Sight $250 lifetime handgun course memberships

    NOTICE... The following offer is withdrawn in that i also recieved the reduced membership offer via snail mail and in it they stated clearly "no electronic advertisement". Anyway, I'm not sure buying memberships and then selling them for same price is a problem but the advertising here might...