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    Non-Resident Renewal at Local PD???

    Hello All - I have a CT resident pistol permit, and a long expired (2004) Non-resident Mass Class A LTC with no restrictions. I have been reading that the state is clamping down on the no restriction permits. I will be doing a long term consulting project in Pittsfield MA, and will be...
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    Can I leagally Carry in Tampa Convention Center?

    I have a Florida non-resident permit and I will be at a trade show at TampaConvention Center next month.
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    FL Non-Resident Questions

    Hello All - I read the instructions many times, but I cannot understand Florida question 4. "Do you qualify for the exemption from the public records law as provided by Section 119.071(4)(d), Florida Statues? Is this for law officers only? I am not an LEO. Do I put Yes or No? Also, the...