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  1. Waffles

    When governments fail, The CCW Badge-Holder stands TALL.

    I remember years ago you could get a Deputy Sheriffs Tin Badge in cereal boxes. Does that count as a CCW Badge? It is about as useless ,so....
  2. Waffles

    What is up with SLED?

    In addition, there have been changes in Regulatory. Hope for the better.
  3. Waffles

    Less than lethal but might still hurt a bit

    No, learned that as a young soldier in Germany in the mid 50s.
  4. Waffles

    Help with this scenario, please.

    Go sometime. Leave your wife/girl friend home. It is a jungle.
  5. Waffles

    Help with this scenario, please.

    And if the owner of an establishment wishes to take a vacation and closes his shop, they will sue for large damages and win.. It has happened to a Breakfast Place on MP near the Pavilion. Cost them millions.
  6. Waffles


    Had to have it. Gonna go shoot a bunch of shells this weekend, weather permitting. Hurricane ready!
  7. Waffles

    South Carolina permits

    Go to the horse's mouth. Link Removed
  8. Waffles

    This really, REALLY has me pissed off! (Kershaw Co.)

    For y'alls information, the grand Jury has refused to indict the person charged with the shooting. He's free to walk. Link Removed
  9. Waffles

    Senator proposing tighter gun control after church shootings

    Another Demorakrat from the Low Country heard from. Think he is just trying to get his name in the paper instead of doing something useful. :angry::angry: CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina state senator who represents the district that includes Charleston's Emanuel AME Church is...
  10. Waffles

    Can my GF carry without a CCW? She is a probation officer

    IF bc99 is correct, she may not need a CCW. She would fall under HR 218 (Link Removed) She can carry anywhere in the US, if this Federal Law applies to her.
  11. Waffles

    Double question about what came with my pistol?

    The fired casing has something to do with Massachusetts law to help identify the weapon is it used for some illegal purpose (in Mass). Means nothing; I threw mine away. More important, don't lose that little wrench that you got. You need it to adjust the laser and replace batteries. I lost...
  12. Waffles

    A bill that would allow South Carolina residents to carry concealed weapons without a

    Here it comes, folks. Will Nikky sign it if it passes both houses and goes to her for signature? I still will renew my permit, just for the sake of purchasing a weapon without going thru the background check. Columbia, Sc (WLTX) - A bill that would allow South Carolina residents to carry...
  13. Waffles

    South Carolina COP charged with murder

    Bluestringer did a good job quoting the rules. Hers is my 2 cents, for what it is worth. In SC, a police officer can obtain a warrant for arrest based on probable cause, and an arrest is made. The arrested person then has a right to have a Bond set. In this case, Murder, the bond hearing...
  14. Waffles

    Non-citizen with permit but no CCW in SC - where can I carry?

    Here is a list of states that SC recognizes for Concealed Carry. However, SLED is sometimes slow in updating their list. Just give them a call and ask for regulatory. Link Removed South Carolina Reciprocity RECIPROCITY Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho (Enhanced Only)...