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    Moving to NY State

    Assuming that I'm not a prohibited person, if I move to New York State, can I legally bring my Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chief revolver with me and keep it in my house? Do I have to get a license to own/possess it? Do I have to register it with some agency? I used to live in the People's Republic...
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    Illinois will issue to nonresidents, but only of certain states

    My daughter lives in Chicago, so naturally I planned to apply for an IL nonresident permit. However: "The Department shall by rule allow for non-resident license applications from any state or territory of the United States with laws related to firearm ownership, possession, and carrying, that...
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    Open carry

    I know I could research Connecticut laws, but I figure I'd get a quicker, clearer answer on this forum. An article this morning says that Connecticut is an "open carry state," but then it says that a man who was carrying openly was handcuffed until police confirmed that he had a permit. But if...
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    Maine-Pennsylvania reciprocity

    Maine and Pennsylvania recently entered into a reciprocity agreement for CCW permits. The text of the agreement mentions benefits to the "residents" of the two states but does not emphasize residency or specifically rule out nonresidents. Pennsylvania has made it quite clear that it honors...
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    CCW in Denver

    Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall « CBS Denver On the above thread, a poster [screen name: "You"] commented, "You all need to realize [that in] Denver county it's illegal to conceal a weapon, CCW or not. Conceal carry is illegal here." I've checked Colorado laws...
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    Is Massachusetts now "restrictive may issue" like NJ and MD?

    Recent threads indicate that Massachusetts is now requiring that applicants show "need" to obtain the unrestricted version of the LTC permit. Is this in fact the case? Has Massachusetts joined New Jersey and Maryland in placing an almost insurmountable obstacle in front of applicants? In other...
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    Interesting case

    Not guilty!! Link Removed
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    Big change coming in Wisconsin

    Glad to see that things are moving along. Link Removed
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    Blount County procedure

    I don't know about residents of other Alabama counties, but residents of Blount County do not "renew" their CCW permits. Instead, they apply for a new one each year. Last year's letter from the sheriff's office said, "We have purchased new software for our computer system[,] and because of the...
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    Big change coming in Wisconsin

    Maybe somebody already posted this good news, but if so I didn't see it: "Both houses of the Wisconsin legislature went Republican last night, making it almost certain that Wisconsin will become the 41st [state] to provide a fair, non-arbitrary system for law-abiding, trained adults to be...
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    NYC gun laws

    I can't seem to open the NRA link to New York gun laws, so can somebody tell me— 1. If I own a handgun legally and move to New York City, what is legally required of me to keep it in my apartment? 2. If I live in New York City and have done whatever I need to do regarding my handgun, can I...
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    Fast service from Virginia

    From date of mailing of application to date received Virgina permit: 33 days. Can't complain about that!
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    Interesting case

    Link Removed I just read about this, and since I didn't see anything about it on this site, I figured I'd post it. It's an unusual case—the kind that will decided on a lot of little details and occurrences over split seconds. From what I've read in several accounts, my sympathies are with the...
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    I'm surprised

    I'm surprised that this site hasn't been discussing the recent events in Iowa. Both houses of the Iowa legislature have overwhelming approved a bill, which the governor is expected to sign, making Iowa a "shall issue" state as of January 1, 2011. (As we all know, Iowa had remained strangely...
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    Any trouble with Maine CCW?

    Over the past year or so I've obtained permits for my home state (Alabama) as well as for Florida and Utah. If I fill out the Maine application properly, should I be concerned about being turned down? Or is approval pretty much automatic if you meet the criteria? I spent four years in Maine for...
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    Beretta Px4

    Does anyone own a Beretta Px4? If so, how do you like it? Good for CC? I'm thinking of the .45 ACP.
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    speaking of New York . . .

    From the land of gun control, this is almost beyond belief: crack dealers make more money routinely suing the City of New York than they do plying their illegal trade. Link Removed And the people allowing this to happen are the same ones who see to it that it's impossible to get a CCW permit...
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    This is very bad

    A 62-year-old man shot and killed his fiancee, thinking she was an intruder. "He fired at a figure in the hallway." Link Removed
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    Oregon Castle Doctrine

    In Castle Doctrine states, you are not required first to look for a way to retreat from your own home when under deadly threat. Here's a good link that explains it. Some states extend the Castle Doctrine to the car and other places. Link Removed Still, many factors are taken into account to...