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    If .30-30 Is So Popular...Why So Few Choices?

    I need help understanding something... I've always heard that .30-30 is a classic, popular deer hunting round, that will never go away. But I usually find it's not available on the shelves, or if it is, the selection is limited. I also notice that the shelf space devoted to .30-30 is quite...
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    Perhaps The Real Reason They're Tormenting George Zimmerman

    Why are Barack Obama and Eric Holder now using the Justice Department to continue tormenting George Zimmerman? I think the race factor is only a small part of it. This is an effort to stigmatize gun ownership, and setting the stage for it's use as an issue. If they can stigmatize George...
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    Gun Control Started To Oppress Blacks - Now Intended To Oppress Everyone

    I don't think we spend nearly enough time pointing out the racist roots of gun control, and why it began in the first place. It's never had honorable motives behind it. If we could only get this out to black America...Obama's base might just dissolve.
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    Article - If They Come For Your Guns, Stand Up, Be Men, And Kill Them

    Feinstein and Obama better think long and hard about this gun control crusade they're on...Lots of anger building out there. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight? | The D.C. Clothesline
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    When My AR-15 Arrives...An Email To Obama

    Celebrated New Years Day by ordering an AR-15 from Tactical Weapons Solutions. Getting the basic $949 model, figure I can always upgrade it later. BTW, their prices are much lower than what I saw at the gun show Saturday. Here's their link... AR-15 Rifles | AR-15 Parts | FREE AR-15 Monthly...
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    Article Warns of Violent Response To Pending Gun Control Lefislation

    It's a huge step for us to consider the possibility of violent resistance to our government's policies. But many of us are now having to ponder our personal response to the possibility of government confiscation of our firearms. If this is not be an immediate threat following the passage of...
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    Double Action Revolvers - Included In "Semi-Automatic" Weapons Ban?

    When we hear discussion of a ban on "semi-automatic" handguns, most of us think of Glocks. Sigs, Springfield XD's, etc.. And generally, we don't think of our revolvers as being part of that. But maybe we should. After all... 1. One bullet per trigger pull, just like "semi-automatics". 2...
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    Thank God For Texas - Punched CHL Holder Not Charged With Pointing Gun At Line-Cutter

    Don't know how hard the CHL holder was punched, but thank God for Texas. Here, a man can defend himself without becoming a criminal in the process. Liberals not welcome down here... Link Removed
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    Home Invasion In Houston Last Night - Homeowner Wins

    Two masked punks force a man into the house, demanding money and ransacking the place. Surprise! Homeowner's a CHL holder, and had his own gun. Link Removed In Texas, lots of good guys are armed, amazing BG's still try this stuff.
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    "We Don't Call 911" Signs - Deterrent or Invitation?

    No doubt we've all seen these signs. They come in many styles, colors, etc.. I've thought about getting one for my home, as a humorous way of giving pause to those who might consider doing harm to me or my family. But is it actually making a home more of a target for burglers, alerting them...
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    "You Better Be A Good Shot"

    BG walks into a store, demands money, says he has a gun in his belt. Clerk grabs crowbar, tells him, "You better be a good shot". Have to admire this guy, but I wouldn't recommend following his example! Link Removed
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    Demand For Guns So High - Ruger Suspends Accepting Orders

    I think this is great. Link Removed Gun ownership in America cultivates freedom. Having a draws a line in the sand. Having a gun says something about the relationship between the individual and the State. Strike a blow for freedom...own a gun!
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    Road Rage Incident In Houston

    This 28 year old seems to be in good shape, but that didn't keep him from nearly being beaten to death because of a fender bender. I bet he gets his CHL and carries from now on. Link Removed
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    Supreme Court Justice Robbed At Knifepoint

    I wonder if this will make this left-wing radical see the light about the 2nd Amendment?
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    Innocents Betrayed - The History Of Gun Control

    My thanks to the poster who mentioned this on the other thread. This video is long, but to be informed and's worth the time. This need to go viral. We need to spread this message.
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    Fatally Shot In Chest - Still Fights For Awhile

    I have mixed feelings about posting this video. I don't want to just be morbid. But this is incredible, and I think holds some lessons. This man is shirtless, fighting the police...gets shot in the chest. The shot is fatal. It kills him. But not immediately...he keeps fighting. And to...
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    No Guns For Negros

    I have recently become interested in the history of gun control. In view of the 2nd Amendment, how did gun control laws become passed in the first place? How was the right to carry a gun taken away? What were people thinking? I'm becoming aware of a vast amount of history suggesting that...
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    Guys On The Hi-Point Forum Love Their Guns - Could They Be Right?

    My first gun was a Hi-Point C9, I sold it fairly quickly, due to the negative comments about it. It did jam on me some (break-in period?), but I really didn't have it long enough to have any real experience about its reliability. Now I have a couple of XDs, as well as a snub-nose .38. I've...
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    I've Challenged The People Of New York

    I just posted a thread on a very active New York message board, challenging them as to why they don't fight for their rights. This is going to get quite active, I'm sure. What's Wrong With You People In New York? - City-Data Forum I encourage everyone here to keep up with this discussion...
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    Houston Jewelry Store Smash and Grab

    The Galleria is THE upscale mall here in Houston. If the rich and famous are going to the mall, it's to the Galleria they go. Last month, three punks storm in a jewelry store with customers still inside. They smash a display case, and race off with several hundred thousand dollars worth of...