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  1. Jes

    Found a flatbow, don't know what to do with it

    This might fit the bill Link Removed The damage at the notch is probably fine. Just sand it smooth. I would however go easy the first few draws.
  2. Jes

    Union Co Renewal

    71 days and counting on my renewal. Called to check and they said maybe the end of the month. I know the law changed to 45 days after application is complete (including mental health), but will they still honor the 90 day limit? It seems like they can now take as long as they want..???
  3. Jes

    Tax on online gun purchases

    I will pick up my Kahr CM9 that I bought from Buds Gun Shop in a few days at my local FFL. Has anyone ever bought a gun online and picked it up in NC? Is the FFL going to try to hit me up for taxes? The way I understood NC tax law was that you are supposed to estimate your out of state...
  4. Jes

    Kahr CM9

    It looks like Kahr has night sights for about $80 on their site. Seems very reasonable!! I just can't tell if they have one to fit the pinned in front sight. Link Removed
  5. Jes

    Kahr CM9

    Well I just ordered a Kahr CM9 from Bud's. I have read all the reviews and I even rented a Kahr about 6 months ago (not a CM9) and loved the way it shot. Does anyone here actually own one??? Waiting for this thing to show up and getting antsy. All you Kahr owners give me your opinions. I...
  6. Jes

    New to reloading

    Case length gauge/trimmer Link Removed You can also just use a caliper.
  7. Jes

    Cop shoots cop firing at unarmed porn perp

    This is so bad I am speechless... Connecticut Cop Shot During Porn Bust Outside Harry Potter Showing Connecticut Cop Shot During Porn Bust Outside Harry Potter Showing - PLAINVILLE, Conn.-- Investigators say Plainville police officers who opened fire during a child pornography...
  8. Jes

    Cycling assault.

    Try one of those spandex holster shirts with a small 380. Link Removed
  9. Jes

    Verizon Wireless

    I noticed a "no concealed weapons" sign on the doors of our local Verizon Wireless (Union Co, NC). After a quick search online this appears to be a company wide policy. My search also easily turned up a few armed robberies of Verizon stores although I did not see any homicides. Surely the...
  10. Jes

    Looking to by a .380 - Bersa .380 or Colt Government .380?

    Bersa Grips Get some good grips for the Bersa. I would skip the rubber grips, they can hang up in fabric. I have a set of Marschal grips on my 380cc that are beautiful. From the marschal website: Link Removed
  11. Jes

    Century C93 (HK93 Clone)

    Anyone have one of the Century C93s? I found them at Bud's for a shade over $500. I have seen some good century reviews and some that said Century was worse than a drunken night with 2 monkeys, a sheep, and Hillary Clinton. Probably in that order.... So come on? Chime in with your Century...
  12. Jes

    Home Protection Shotguns

    Nef (h&r) Another vote for the H&R. Mine is the NEF (H&R) Pardner Protector. It is a 870 clone, but it has the "humpback" receiver. Seems that most of the 870 accessories fit just fine. Mine will hold 6+1 of the 2 3/4" 00buck with the plugs out. Patterns just fine with cyl bore for HD...
  13. Jes

    Just Put up the trail cam...

    trail cam Well we got the food plots put in from my previous thread and set up some trail cams. Moultrie D40 flash: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  14. Jes

    Food Plots

    Have any of you put in food plots? What type? Single crop, mix, spring/summer/fall plant? I just picked up 100# of the Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Spring/Summer mix. It is mostly soybeans and cowpeas with buckwheat for quick cover and sunflowers and Sorghum for bean structure. Hope to get...
  15. Jes

    looking to buy a rifle>>>>

    Rifle I have a Ruger M77 Mark2 and a Remington 710. I have shot Rem 700, mossberg, and others. The new Ruger bolt rifles cycle somewhat rough (poor machining tolerances). The 710 bolt rides on nylon and can be sticky, but is an accurate shooter. The older 700s can be great if you can find...
  16. Jes

    Bersa Thunder .380 Revisited

    I hate to tell you this, but Bersa makes a 9, 40, and 45 that are more reliable than the 380 :biggrin: and they like to multiply... They are also coming out with a small single stack polymer 9 this fall. Link Removed
  17. Jes

    Fast Access Handgun Box/Safe

    Cheap alternative I know you are looking at the biometric models, but if you want to keep it simple I bought a Honeywell push button cash box that you can get a Wally World. I think they run about $30. Simple 4 button code with backup key and low battery light. 4AA batteries last about a...
  18. Jes

    Bersa .380

    Great The Bersa line is great. I had a 380CC until I sold it to my dad. The 9mm Ultra Compact is the best of the line. The only drawback of the 380s is they are blowback operated and need a firmer grip to operate (limp wrist) than a similar size gun with a locking operation. They also use a...
  19. Jes

    Are toy guns really that bad?

    This is my kids favorite!! Not very PC. :biggrin: Link Removed
  20. Jes

    Somewhat complicated CCW Question

    The Sheriff of your home county gets the change of address and they can revoke your permit since you are no longer a resident of NC. NC does not issue permits to residents of other states. Link Removed The sheriff of the county where the permit was issued or the sheriff of the county where the...