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  1. macmanjim

    *Salesman Stabs Homeowner*

    In Texas no less.
  2. macmanjim

    Motorcycle Carry

    I found this recently: Coronado Leather | Handcrafted Firearm Concealment Leatherwear Handbags/ Luggage/ Jackets/ Law Enforecement
  3. macmanjim

    Motorcycle Carry

    Does anyone on this forum carry on a motorcycle? If so, how do you carry, meaning what type of holster etc. I know some riders that put the pistol in a tank bag, but that isn't carrying concealed as far as I can tell, no? Usually the law may speak to cars and glove compartments, but motorcycles...
  4. macmanjim

    Drew My Gun Earlier This Evening

    Cops can shoot unarmed people Link Removed