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    Restaurant Carry By State

    Link Removed
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    Clark County Shooting Park & Gun Free School Zones Act

    So, due to the fact that Decatur goes within 1000 feet of a high school, will people have to use a different road if they don't have a CCW or put their guns in "locked" gun cases to get to the park? My gun cases don't even lock.
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    LVMPD CCW Money Order Questions

    I did the class and the range qualiification and I wanted to go down tomorrow and turn it all in. I was told in the class that we needed a Money Order, but I didn't remember to ask who it should be made out to and it is after 3pm, so the office is closed. Anyone remember if it was just made...
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    Reason and Force

    I enjoyed the article as well, but it looks like it might not be attributed correctly. Link Removed
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    Active Duty Military in Las Vegas

    Might be moot: Link Removed
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    Shooting Areas

    moved the question to a more appropriate forum.
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    Nevada Laws were updated

    The Nevada Laws were update, Oct 1st I believe, and are out of date on this site.