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  1. Golden Eagle

    Open carry????

    "Generally prohibited in public areas." From: Oklahoma Concealed Carry Permit Information But this seems to be more up to date: Link Removed
  2. Golden Eagle

    Opencarry in Arkansas?

    At a glance it looks like it passed. Try looking in the state threads. :smile: Edit: Link Removed
  3. Golden Eagle

    open carry

    Link Removed Yes and yes. What state are you from?
  4. Golden Eagle

    Open carry in Texas inches forwards

    Oh look what I found: Link Removed "LSCDL requested this bill and supports it." :secret:
  5. Golden Eagle

    open carriers will be murdered

    I hate to admit this but just for the record this nut Timothy Allen Campbell is from Eastpointe Michigan. You should be safe in CA. more: Link Removed
  6. Golden Eagle

    Non resident open carry in MI

    Back to OP I haven't stopped thinking about this, If you get an out of state carry license like I suggest on page 1 and have a good Michigan friend who owns a pistol you would be legal to oc it. Link Removed
  7. Golden Eagle

    ohio mall carry allowed

    I'd look at it from a different angle... If you don't look for and see a sign your not knowingly violating the law. Then if they ask you to leave... leave. Link Removed
  8. Golden Eagle

    Open Carry Question In Texas

    YES, HB2756 is in Committee Link Removed Too much discussion to re-post from here: Link Removed
  9. Golden Eagle

    HB 4009 & 4010 Eliminate CPL Pistol Free Zones

    What? Link Removed People polled said NO do to the paragraph long question. :mad: ------------------- On another topic… __40. Michigan law currently allows individuals who have been granted a permit to carry a concealed weapon, specifically a handgun, to carry their concealed handgun anywhere...
  10. Golden Eagle

    Michigan bills will encourage gun safety education for students

    Passed It Passed in December:
  11. Golden Eagle

    Non resident open carry in MI

    1st you should never get legal advice from police. 2nd what MSP posted there is their opinion. 3rd What you read is our Concealed Pistol Law, we are talking OC here. I just think that MSP web page is a joke. :sarcastic: