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    Restaurant Carry Bill

    South Carolina General Assembly 120th Session, 2013-2014 H. 3053 STATUS INFORMATION General Bill Sponsors: Reps. Taylor, Pitts, Harrell, White, Delleney, Merrill, Clemmons, Bannister, Wells, J.R. Smith, G.R. Smith, Sottile, Hiott, Barfield, Hardee, Ballentine, Toole, Brannon, Allison...
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    Who is Standing in the Way

    If it's true that Link Removed killed restaurant-carry, someone really ought to commission another poll. If you look at the questions and methodology, there's no way restaurant-carry had a chance based on whom they were asking and how they asked. Self-identified Republicans were clearly...
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    Breaking: Zimmerman's Bond Revoked!

    Not only are you expanding and clarifying the rule with your paraphrase, but quoting the Rules of the Court is like quoting Latin. Most regular folks have never even heard of them, much less are they intimately familiar with every aspect of them. That's why people hire lawyers. A good lawyer...
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    Proof of Training

    Training Exemption? Though I am sure the CWP classes provide a wealth of information, I am not a wealthy man and would prefer to avoid the expense of a class. S.C. Code Section 23-31-210(5)(c) specifies that "a person who can demonstrate to the Director of SLED or his designee that he has a...