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    What's your favorite Whitetail rifle caliber? Why?

    308 or 7mm/08 I've always had good results on game with either one, has always been bang.....flop. Mulie hunting out west, I've had very good results with the 7mm/08 due to slightly better bullet drop at range over the 308.
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    Where in GA to get DUI resolution?

    First was probably roadside test to determine BA level with a hand held. Second test at station on Intox machine that gives a printed read out of blood alcohol level for court purposed.
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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    Springfield XDs 9mm. 74 years old, too old to fight or run and I've grown quite accustom to LIVING. I have a County issued carry permit and don't want everyone to know I'm carrying. Open carry to me is just showing off.