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    Aged Ammo

    A guy on the web ( is selling ammo for the mosin-nigant. It's stated to be 1970's production--is this stuff still good? Opinions?
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    Looking for dummy ammo

    I took an intermediate pistol class over the week end at my club ($250, 14 hours, 500 rounds fired, one to one student to instructor ratio). I had a great time and learned a lot. One of the instructors (22 year retired LEO) had these plastic cartridges--not snap caps--for use in training for...
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    What would you do?

    Scenario: A certain self-avowed rabidly anti-2A individual is swept into the Oval office in 2008 due to current and future events. Along with that person the major per centage of the Congress from the same party gets seated. After four years of slowly whittling away at the 2A--the frog in the...
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    I got stopped for brandishing a firearm!

    My friend picked me up for breakfast this morning. We went to IHOP and had the usual fare. On the way to drop me off at home he noticed that he needed to stop for gas. He said he need to go get a pack of cigarettes and asked me if I'd continue pumping the gas. While putting the hose back a...
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    Pets anybody?

    Io and Ani--15 lbs of teeth and attitude each Link Removed
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    Front Sight Training Institute

    Is this the same FrontSight? Link Removed Pap
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    Southern Nevada Get together

    Any one interested in getting together and doing some shooting at a local range? I figure there's a lot I could learn from some of you.
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    Non-participant in LEO shootings

    For what ever reason there have been a number of Police shootings in the 27 years I've lived in Las Vegas. They've always been found to be Justified by the investigation board and that's not my issue. My issue is I don't want to participate in a Justified Police Shooting by accident. As a...
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    How much time to clean your handguns?

    My sons and friends kid me about how I take 1.5 to 2 hours to clean each handgun before putting it back in storage. I have more then a few and I practice weekly on the range and like to cycle through them so it may be three or four months before I'll shoot a particular handgun again. They're...
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    How do you store your handguns?

    Just curious as to how you guys/gals store your handguns. I currently store them in the cases that came with them when I bought them. One dealer told me to store them in an old sock. Any suggestions and the logic behind it? Of course, they are all in a safe and there is not much humidity in...