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    1911 Guys - What's your favorite?

    Love how that one looks! Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed
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    Some bills (finally) up in the legislature

    Read yesterday there some bills going up in Oh govt. One was for no carry license requirement other than having been legal to purchase the handgun. Suppose that's essentially "constitutional carry." Was glad to see this. Another was regarding duty to inform being deleted. And one that...
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    Self Defense in home burglary

    Great question! This is too situation dependent to specify one line of action. It also depends on the state laws, whether there's a castle doctrine or not. For an intruder being held trying to escape, shooting them for doing so wouldn't mesh with laws I'd not think. This is why I go back...
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    Input on Ruger 1911 in 40 S&W problem?

    First off, it is not my pistol! Nothing wrong with Ruger, but they're not my go to for a 1911, and I prefer 45ACP. K so an in law has one of these and has described a problem to me, wants me to look at and test fire it and figure out the problem. I immediately think it's a magazine issue, but...
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    1911 Guys - What's your favorite?

    At risk of starting a war of words about 1911's vs the "other pistols," here's a question for you who carry a 1911: Your favorite for carry, including manufacturer, caliber, and barrel length. Why is it the favorite? Have you carried something different and if you did, what, and why did you...
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    Sig 1911 Emperor Scorpion Full/Size

    I've never owned or fired a Sig of any make. Anyone have one of their full size 1911's? The price at $1234 is pretty close to what I'd readily shell out for another Kimber but I read a review online today that got me interested in Sigs... Based solely on brand recognition, I'd automatically...
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    How well do you hit with:

    Your 1911 in 45ACP at 25 yards or more? I need a basis for comparison. At 5 yards I sometimes cut bullet holes. At 7 it's 3-4", but today at 25 it was about a 9" grouping. I'm fine with that, but like I said I'd like to know how others' guns perform. It will likely improve for me when...
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    Inability to legally carry on federal property

    K, so we're not allowed to carry on federal property like USPS, military installation, VA hospital & a plethora of other government buildings. Ridiculous! I wish to hell some legislation would go up to change that. IF a place has armed security, then I'm more "ok" with not being armed. But...
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    Mindset of "elite" Anti-gunners

    I had a once-friend say to me, "Handguns have no place in modern America." This is how some people actually think, as if deleting handguns would delete crime. Dude claimed that we who carry are "Wyatt Earp types" and are lacking in education. If we were "socially refined like him..." we'd...
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    HB 142 Eliminate need when stopped to notify carrying firearm.

    Wow dude, you seem to be venting a lot of anger and frustration! May God grant you peace, and I hope you have a happy Easter. Blessings, ~S USAF(Ret)
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    Winchester Ranger ammo..

    Awesome! Thanks. Personal use testing. I just want to verify performance in and out of my gun. I trust the ammo I carry with my life, so just like to be sure my guns like it and it performs well. The things I look for other than flawless feeding are barrier penetration and expansion. I...
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    Tactical Handgun Training in Ohio??

    Excellent. Thanks :) TDI is the main one I was thinking of. They do NRA instructor cert, so that's the one I need most, plus they have the field medical class. I've not done trauma care training since 1991.... Since they're closest to me and offer everything, probably where I'd go. Plus...
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    Tactical Handgun Training in Ohio??

    I used to have two sites bookmarked for tactical handgun classes in Ohio. One was a PD training area where classes were offered to civilians too. The other was for training civilians. I need to brush up on trauma care and CQB. Anyone know of such classes in Ohio or Indiana, preferably ones...
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    Winchester Ranger ammo..

    Thanks! I'm thinking they are or were using T-Series +P 45 Auto. It looks like it has the deepest penetration & good expansion... Also read that one can order the same 1911 but that the wait was around 1 year. No matter cause I don't want one! If I were going to part with over $1800 for a...
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    People in Ohio: Question->

    Any Concealed Handgun Licensees in Ohio here who have purchased a handgun and bypassed the background check by showing that license? Yes I could google it, or call an armory, etc., but am curious about personal experiences. I'd heard last year that CHL holders would only have to present the...
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    concealed carry

    It's Link Removed Like any insurance, you may pay forever and not need it, but "what if?" That same question is why we carry. The USCCA has a lot of benefits that come with the insurance that's especially good for noobs, like training videos/advice, gear & firearms reviews. I've been a...
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    Iwb recommendation

    Hey ya all! I carry a 1911 (5") and have tried multiple holsters...I seem to have found THE perfect one (for ME): "Wonder No Print" from clinger They have a video that shows can order for many different pistols and it took about 3.5 weeks to get mine but was worth...