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    cayuga county restrictions

    went down this morning to register my ruger blackhawk i just bought. also turned in my letter i wrote to hopefully have my restrictions lifted off my license. we'll see how it goes and i'll keep ya'll updated.
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    ankle holster - j frame

    i just purchased a smith and wesson 360 (j-frame .357), i'm interested in getting a ankle holster for this gun for summer time. i never wear shorts, but have been known to go without a shirt, leaving a hip holster useless. i've never owned a ankle holster before, so i know nothing about them...
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    cayuga county permit granted (sportsman)

    i called yesterday to check on the status of my pistol permit application, i was informed that i was granted a "sportsman" license. it's better than nothing i guess, and i will be getting some "addititional training" in the next year or so, so i can try and get my 24/7 permit. hopefully we will...
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    cayuga county, "proper cause"

    hi all, i'm new to this forum and from what i've seen so far,i like it. now on to my dilema. i live in cayuga county and i'm in the process of filling out the application for my pistol permit. i just need to get my safety course and figure out why i have "proper cause" to have a full...