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    Which calibers do you shoot...?!

    Mine has the same marking on the receiver. If the barrel is marked it is under the hand guard and haven't had it off in a long time.
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    New concealed carry weapon

    Ruger SP101 327 Federal Magnum. Dammnnnn Lucile what a sweet little 6 shooter. Recoil not bad for a 100 grn bullet at 1500fps and 500fpe at the muzzle. I have always liked the 32 caliber pill but to each his own. Carrying it OWB in a Don Hume H721 holster and 2 speed loaders weak side.
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    1935A French SACM

    I had one of those. Fun guns to shoot. Here is one place where I got my ammo and his price is not to unreasonable. He uses 32 S&W long brass I believe it was to make the 7.65 French long ammo. Another source for the 7.65 French Long ammo. Link Removed
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    Sig P238

    This probably been discussed before but bear with a newbie. Have been looking at the purchase of a Sig P238 and would like to hear the pros and cons from present owners.