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    15 Year Old Who “SWATTED” ----- 25 Years To Life

    As has been noted already, the National Report is a fake-news site. This isn't real.
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    Conceal Carry - Towns or counties in Wisconsin having local ordinances against carry?

    As for the local ordinances, Wisconsin has a preemption statute that prevents municipalities from passing anything stricter than state law. However, it seems to have been passed in November 1995, as anything enacted before that is exempted. Link Removed
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    Vehicle carry law in N.Carolina??

    That part of your statement isn't true. I just looked it up here (because it sounded ludicrous that you couldn't carry in your car): Link Removed Page 20, Section D: "Given this general prohibition of carrying concealed weapons, individuals must be ever vigilant to ensure their particular...
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    traveling with concealed carry permit

    Indiana recognizes all other states' permits automatically.
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    Indiana Non Resident Permits

    I looked at your link and looked up the code it quoted. You are correct. It says it was added by "As added by P.L.311-1983, SEC.32." This makes me think it was added in 1983 but I know it wasn't this way when I looked it up in 1998. The verbiage was, something like "if recognized by another...