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    Rural Nevada victim disarmament in Safeway!

    Locals tell me this is a new sign here in Hawthorne, Nevada. The sign is on all the doors at Safeway. I was pretty shocked by it particularly since this is the ONLY grocery store for 60 miles to the North or 100 miles to the South.
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    CCW instruction in Wells, NV?

    Where does one go for CCW instruction / qualification if they live in Wells, NV? A year ago I got my Utah permit to cover me while working in Nevada. As we know, that was good for 6 months :( Soon I'll be working near Wells and would like to get qualified for the Nevada permit while there...
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    Nevada carry laws SUCK

    Nevada accepts 10 According to the Nevada Dept. of Public Safety, Nevada accepts permits from these 10 states. Alaska Arkansas Kansas Louisiana Michigan Missouri Nebraska Ohio Tennessee West Virginia RE: Link Removed
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    List Of Washington Gun Ranges

    Tri-Cities, WA Hole In The Wall 7509 W Deschutes Ave Kennewick, WA 99336 509-783-1111 Indoor Range for handguns and small caliber rifles. Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility Hwy 225, North of Benton City, WA Outdoor Range for wide variety of firearms and member interests. Link Removed