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    Other essential carry gear ?

    I carry a reload, Fenix flashlight and Leatherman on the off-side. This in addition to a Sebenza in the right pocket and a Spyderco Delica in the left. There are a few other things, but these are the most important. What items do YOU routinely carry in addition to your gun ?
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    Taurus Judge .410/.45 LC

    Taurus still lists the status of the 3" Judge as "Available" in their online catalog. Looks like it's still in production !! Link Removed .
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    Kel-Tec P3AT as a real "stopper"

    They don't share their "data" and at least some that they cite, the involved parties claim NO such relationship. Read more here: Link Removed So can a knitting needle. I've been packing a full size Govt here lately, and have done so many times in the past, even in hot weather. It's a...
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    Best Gun and Carry for Weak Hand ONLY

    What is the best gun to carry when your strong side arm/hand is unexpectedly incapacitated? How would you carry it ? Reasons for choosing it ? I have my ideas, but I'm curious about what everyone else thinks......... Thanks ! :D :D :D .