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    Tactical Shotguns- Remington vs. Mossberg

    I will soon be buying a shotgun for home defense. I want one with synthetic furniture that can carry 7-8 shells in the tube. A pistol grip and heat shield would be nice, but not necessary. I have been told that the Mossberg 500 is a little cheaper than a comparable Remington 870. I work weekends...
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    Anyone have warranty experience with Magnum Research?

    My .45 Baby Eagle has had some minor feeding issues since I bought it; you may have seen the threads I posted a while back. Rather than spending money to replace the recoil spring or polish the feed ramp (and thereby possibly voiding my warranty), I thought it might be a good idea to just send...
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    Home defense question: Which would you use?

    I'm planning to buy a shotgun when I have the money, and have been looking at the Mossberg 500 Home Defense, which holds 8 shells. Until then, however, I'm limited to rifles and pistols. I was wondering the other day what the optimum choice would be if, God forbid, I heard someone break into my...
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    Looking for an old post about the love of guns, does this sound familiar?

    I read a really good post on this site a while back, and now I can't find it. If I could remember the wording, I would use the search function, but I don't. Hopefully this sounds familiar to one of you guys/gals. Essentially, it was a series of lines talking about how much the author loved...
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    Touching up the blue on a Mini-14

    You may have seen my thread a little while back about my Mini-14's gas block being rusted shut. CLP and brute force got it working again, but after cleaning everything up, I decided to try touching up the bluing so this doesn't happen again. I picked up a Birchwood Casey Perma-Blue kit and read...
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    Feed Issues with my Baby Eagle .45

    After a few long months of not shooting my .45 BE, I picked up a 250-rd Mega Pack of Remington UMC 230-grain FMJ and went to the range with some friends, where I proceeded to exhaust the entire box. After a hundred or so rounds, I started to notice that occasionally the slide would not close all...
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    Mini-14 bolt stuck!

    I pulled my Mini off the shelf to look at it the other day and found I couldn't pull back the charging handle. I even put the handle on the edge of a table and pushed down with the gun, but it didn't budge and I didn't want to push harder for fear of causing damage. I'm guessing that it would...
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    Polymer Magazines for a 10/22

    I was at Academy the other day and saw some 25 round polymer mags for the 10/22 made by Butler Creek. I found the website, and here they are: Link Removed Anyone ever used these? Are they worth it?
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    The Youth Are Still Defenseless.

    I'm a 23-year-old graduate student at the University of Houston. The UH campus, like the vast majority of college campuses across the country, is a supposed "gun-free zone." I was working late in my office last night (Saturday) when I received the latest email report of gun-related violence on...
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    Mini 14 Magazines

    Can any of you gentlemen (or ladies) recommend a good company for high-capacity Mini-14 magazines? I'd like to pick up a few 30-round mags. I've been searching around, but I'm not sure what is quality and what isn't.