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    British Gun Control

    Has failed miserably. Now it's "knife control" and "knife crime." BBC News - Brooke Kinsella says schools must tackle youth violence Before any trolls start posting, please ponder upon the following question: Since when are inanimate objects (such as guns and knives) guilty of crimes...
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    NC state of emergency -- 2nd Amendment BANNED

    Oh... by all means. Don't take my word for it. See for yourselves. Link Removed Wanna know what's even more screwed up? Police aren't even legally required to protect individual lives. Not even with restraining orders in place. Link Removed I suppose that means that police aren't responsible...
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    Open Carry Ban shot down in California

    End of legislative session drama! Senators shout! Bills die! : SFGate: Politics Blog
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    Do gun laws work?

    Not a chance in hell. Great Britain has all but completely outlawed all firearms within the country, to include the little .22 (Very few exceptions do exist, but those exceptions are few and far between, and almost never pertain to the civilian populous.) Yet things like the below posted are...
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    Another victim of "gun control."

    Product of gun control in Jersey City, NJ. Obviously, gun control has done absolutely NOTHING in removing guns from the criminals --- while disarming everyone else. Link Removed "An 18-year-old suspect is under arrest Saturday night in Jersey City, accused in the shooting of a five-year-old...
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    Church Carry

    Why I carry to my Church: (Carrying in Church in Colorado is totally legal) Link Removed P.S. My pastor knows. He totally endorses (AND ENCOURAGES) the practice.